Thursday, October 23, 2008

Afternoon with Carlee

Oh the doledroms of an afternoon at work when I should be working...yet don't want to! You've probably all had those moods when you just feel bleh. You don't wanna work and you have no motivation. That's where I was at Wednesday afternoon. Then my hubby called and said he'd picked up my baby from school. He had nutterbutter cookies in the truck and ofcourse she wanted some. Being allergic to peanuts it was a no go. So he brought her up to my office to have a snack before going home. I've got a drawer full of snacks that I get teased about. Little Miss Carlee sat at my desk and ate pringles and licorice with me. (Just ignore the pile of work on the corner of my desk. I know I did!)

She didn't want to go home once I put a cartoon on my computer. I'm glad no one else was in the office with me that afternoon so she could stay and keep me company.

This is her serious cartoon watching face.

All it takes is seeing her sweet face to get me outta the blehs.


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