Monday, March 23, 2009


My awesome sister in law Mandy is getting married the end of May! Mandy and her fiance Trent are highlighted below. They are one of those disgustingly cutsie couples that make some people cringe in terror. I mean that in a good way Mandy. You are so cute together!

Her bridal shower is in the beginning of May so a lot of us girls are getting together to go visit her in Virginia. Yea! I have never been in the eastern states before so I am WAY excited. We told Collin about a week ago that he is the only male that gets to go with us. His grandpa Larry had to tease him first and then told him if he wants to go then he has to ask mommy. Collin was acting like such a shy goofball. He made everyone plug their ears before he whispered in my ear that he wanted to go.

Then he had to go "get" the other grannies in the room because he was so embarrassed. I don't know why he was acting so goofy about the whole deal.

There are seven of us that are going. My mother in law Tina, granny Brewer, my sister in law Cher, me and Collin, plus auntie Tauna and beautiful Kaitlyn. Wish you could go too mom!

I am SO excited that Kaitlyn gets to come too. Isn't she cute? She makes everything fun. She is just a ball of energy firecracker. I guess that's why she was born on the fourth of July.

Time has been flying by and it will be May before I know it. (Yikes, I'm still saving money!) Collin is ecstatic to go on a plane. He doesn't remember his last plane trip although I remember him shamelessly flirting with the girl sitting in our aisle. Of course he was barely over one year old.

Congrats again Mandy!!


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Mandy Lin said...


I am so excited that you guys are coming. I have so much to show you. We will have a great time! I feel so blessed to have some of my favorite women next to me at my bridal shower.

And yes, we are disgustingly cute. And I love it!

See you soon!