Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sweetie Collin Comments

Lately Collin has been saying this phrase alot. "I'm gonna cry because sweet things and sweet songs make me cry." Isn't he cute? He usually says this when watching a sad part in a cartoon. He leaned over to me while watching Barnyard the other day when the main character loses his father. "This is going to make me cry..."
Then came his other comment. "Scary movies don't even freak me out. Ummm...sometimes they freak me out. Like vampires and skunks get next to you and they spray and if a vampire gets next to him he'll spray and then go SPLAT." (I had to write this down right after he said it so I could get it word for word.) We weren't even talking about anything like this. It was just one of his random comments.
Also he pulled me aside the other day and said he had to tell me a secret. He said, "Don't tell anybody, but I love girls! Shhh." Not girls already! He also told me not to tell daddy. Oops sorry Collin but it was too cute to keep to myself!

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Mandy Lin said...

Kami, I can't believe that you told his secret. Especially to his father. Oh, goodness. You guys have a charmer on your hands.