Monday, November 16, 2009

Girls Weekend!!

I have been a terrible blogger lately! I haven't had the time for my own blog let alone to look at anyone else's blog. Sigh.

Oh well, I did have a fun weekend though! Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any pictures. Bad Kami. (Slap the hand.) We started out our night Friday with a dip in my mother in law's hot tub.

Can you say ahhhhhhhh. So relaxing. It was absolutely FREEZING outside but who cares when you're in bubbling hot water?

Of course we did facials and nails. You have to do that on girls night right??

Our night fell on Friday the 13th so we had to stay up really late watching scary movies. By really late I mean 4:00 a.m. You can say that I was tired the next day!

We got up the next morning to put highlights in my cousins hair. It's something that I have always been too chicken to do. One of these days I will have to try it! Now we were ready for a day of shopping, eating Mexican, and watching a movie!

Collin was the only boy allowed to come. He was so excited to watch the new Christmas Carol movie in 3D. He kept saying, "Whoa!" and reaching out in front of him. It was so cute! Carlee fell asleep in my lap. I just about nodded off too since I was so beat! It really was a cute movie. I loved the animation and how they kept the story more true to the book.

Sunday my mom, Tina and I played the new Band Hero game. We had such a blast! They even have a section where everyone can just sing along. We all sang a few songs together and ended up singing YMCA a couple of times so Collin could do the hand motions and dance. It's an awesome game for get togethers!
Thank you to Dee, Kaitlyn, mom, and Tina!!! We definitely need more girls only days!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh what a week...

This week it feels like I have
just been go, go, go!!
I left work early to head over to Idaho Falls to my doctor's appointment. I found out that my stage 4 sleep is only 50%. For those of you that don't know, stage 4 is your deepest sleep. You know, the time you're almost in a coma with drool coming out of your mouth? Anyways, he told me that in order to obtain better deep sleep I would have to fit excercise into my life. am I going to do that? I should have got a prescription for more hours in the day.
Not too long after I got to work I got a phone call from Carlee's teacher that she had puked twice in her classroom. Yippee, I think. Just what I need. So I go grab the little sweetie (who looked miserable at school but as soon as she left she was bouncing off the walls) and called her grandma to come and get her. After work the kids and I snarffed down some cereal and got ready to head to the church. I am one of the activity days leaders in our ward. The girls are so stinkin' adorable! I love that job. When I got home I had to hurry and bake a cake for our cake decorating class the next day. By then I was so tired and in pain so I just collapsed on the couch.
Wednesday I leave at 2:30 instead of 5:00 since I've been going to work earlier. It's a good thing too since I still had to make the frosting and frost my cake. Not to mention clean up my kitchen! We learned how to make buttercream roses. First time I've tried.

So fun! I loved making these.
With practice I'm sure I'll get better.

Chocolate = good!!
I left class early to race to the kids parent teacher conferences. They are both improving in school so it was a good visit. Gotta love that as a mom!

(Collin, Gunner, and Ben)
After that we raced over to Collin's very first den meeting. How cute are these tiger cubs!! They are so fun to be around. I am so psyched to be cubmaster for them. I also love their moms. They are so supportive to the boys and willing to help out. It makes me so happy when people cooperate together for such a wonderful scouting program.
Today I am soooo tired. Miss Carlee kept us up. She didn't go to bed until late because of her eczema. Then she woke up at 1:00 with a soaked diaper. Aargh! I got her cleaned up and back in bed. Of course she tried to sneak into our room again at 4:00. Double aargh!
I'm going to sneak out of work at 3:30 for my cousin Kaitlyn's basketball game. She is so fun to watch! After work my cousin Dee is bringing a movie over for some girl time. Hope she doesn't mind a kitchen full of frosting mess! I haven't had time to get it all cleaned up yet. That's on the agenda tonight too.
I can't wait for Friday! So far I don't have any plans. Woo hoo!
Relief society in the a.m., cleaning in the middle, and serving at a wedding reception at night. I have a feeling that by Sunday all I will want to do is this:


Actually that sounds good right now!!
Alas, it's back to work I go...



Monday, November 2, 2009

Carnival and Costumes!

Friday night was carnival night! I had to work in the fish pond from 6:00 until closing and I was so excited to be assigned to that one! All the little ones always come to that booth.


Collin had to try it...


...and got a sticky eyeball. Ew!

Kaitlyn helped Carlee get a little koala bear.

Collin tried his hand out at the ring toss but didn't make it to win a pop. Like he needs more sugar anyways, LOL.


Carlee's favorite game is digging for treasure. Her teacher Mrs. Snyder is behind her in the prison outfit.


Saturday we all got ready for some trick or treat fun!!
Eric and Collin were the army brats!


Carlee and I were the sailor sweeties!

I tried to sneak a nice kiss but all I got was tounge. She is just like her daddy!

So fun to dress up!


Tina and my mom were spooky ghosts.

Miss Kaitlyn was an adorable tootsie roll and my cousin Dee was a "scary" witch.

Those army boys sure love us sailor girls!

We had a very fun night! I just love Halloween!!