Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: A Review

This year seems to have moved at light speed. One month would just begin and then w-h-o-o-s-h, it was gone in a flash. This year has been full of fun, surprise, a little travel and a few tears. Here are my top 5 in the following categories.

Most Memorable Experiences
  • Our Lagoon Anniversary trip to Utah. It's the first time I've ever been at a water park. So much fun! Some of the slides were a little scary though. I wasn't prepared for how fast you get going. I don't know how the girls with bikinis don't get 'em whipped of.
  • Camping trips. We love our Copper Basin trips! This year we also got to go camping with our friend Paxton and his family up to Aberdeen at American Falls Reservoir. Collin swam in a lake for the first time and had a blast. Poor Carlee had to stay home with grannies. I just didn't want to spend the ENTIRE time in the water which I knew I would have to do if she was with me.
  • Monster truck and motorcycle shows. What can I say. I love speed and mayhem. Well, when someone else is doing it anyways!
  • Pass Creek trips up the canyon. I loved our first trip up to swinging tree as a family. Collin ended up trying it even though he was scared at first. Couldn't be 'cuz mom wiped out a couple times first...
  • Blackfoot Fair trips. I live for fairs! I should be a carny. I get to act like a kid and have fun. The best part though is seeing my kids have the time of their life on rides. I just love being a mom!

Best Laughs

  • The first choice is definitely Carlee sitting naked on a rock playing with dead fish. The little knucklehead was laughing and splashing amongst all the fishies the guys caught. She didn't even care if blood and fish goo got on her. Yuck!
  • Copper Basin stories around the fire. 'Nuff said on this one. The family knows where the conversations usually lead involving a lighter and our cousin Matthew.
  • Any visit from our cousin Kaitlyn. She always makes us laugh when she comes over. She's such a joy to be around and we love her!
  • Carlee's spinning eyes. Eric was spinning Carlee around in a laundry basket and her eyes were literally rattling in her head. I've never seen anything like it. Her pupils were moving so fast side to side I thought they were gonna pop right out.
  • Collin quotes. You just never know what will come out of that boys mouth like: "Shhh, don't tell anyone. I love girls!"

New Discoveries

  • Becoming appointed as an Activity Days Leader. I've only had a few activities with the girls but I already love 'em. It's such a fun age!
  • Making a new yummy treat - cake balls! They are fun to make, quick to dip, and a lotta fun to eat!
  • The whole school mom thing. It's different being a mommy to school kids than babies.
  • Gained more family members. My brother in law Levi got married this year to a sweet girl that we're happy to have in our family. She's still shy towards us but so was I when I first came into the family. Welcome Cher! Also my cousin Dee is getting married to a nice guy named Randall. He's so good for her and we love him too.
  • http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ I just love this website! It's saved me a lot of headaches when I want to change backgrounds on my blog.

Movie Favorites

  • Horton Hears a Who. Love the book, love the movie, love the actors that did the voices. Such a great message brought to the big screen.
  • Bedtime Stories. Adam Sandler did an excellent job in this one. He finally made a film that his own kids could watch. Good job Sandler!
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I love the Indiana Jones series so how could I not love this? The ending was weird and unexpected but I still love Harrison Ford's portrayal and his rekindled love from the first film. I also loved Shia LaBeouf's character and hope they continue the series with him.
  • Mamma Mia. Such a fun chick flick. Loved the music, dancing and fun. I laughed at some of the singing from the guys but Meryl Streep did an excellent job.
  • It's hard to limit the list to just 5 since I love movies so I'll add just a few more. Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, and even though I haven't seen it yet I'm sure I'll love The Dark Knight.

Authors I've loved this year

  • Rachel Ann Nunes. I'm such a sucker for anything she writes. I just love all of her stories!
  • Stephenie Meyer. Even though her books needed serious editing and her main character needed a psychiatrist her Twilight series intrigued me. I love The Host that she wrote better though.
  • Sariah S. Wilson. I love her storytelling and I'm a big fan of historical fiction so she takes the cake for me.
  • Gerald Lund. His The Kingdom and the Crown series is the best series out there other than the Work and the Glory. Completely entrancing; a MUST read.
  • Louissa May Alcott. I read Little Women for the first time and I laughed through their exploits and the way they entertained themselves.

What I've appreciated the most

  • Seeing Carlee improve in speech therapy. She has been making such strides in her speech that I can't NOT appreciate the efforts by her teachers and therapists. It's so wonderful to hear her point to something and try to say it. It gets very frustrating for both her and us when she can't communicate what she wants.
  • New friends. I love my neighbor Julie just down the road. She's like a long lost sister and has been a blessing in my life. I also love the people I've met through blogging!
  • Planting hundreds of trees. They may be little now but someday they will be big and beautiful.
  • A new med combo. This is kind of a lame one to put on what I've appreciated most but it's true. My rheumatologist prescribed me a new combo that may actually work. At least the pain over my gall bladder has lessened and my pain isn't as severe. Yea!
  • My family and the in-laws. I can't say enough about my family. I'm SO blessed to have them in my life. My extended family is also so wonderful and treat me like their own. I love you all!

Worst of 'O8

  • Vein surgery. All I can say is EW, EW, EW!! My left leg is still numb. They had to have nicked a nerve. I'm grateful that I don't have the pain anymore though so I guess it's a trade off.
  • Losing both my babies to school. Okay school has been wonderful for Collin and Carlee but it still breaks my heart to have them grow up.
  • Allergy shots. In an effort to control Carlee's allergies and eczema we agreed to get her allergy shots TWICE a week. It's hard, it sucks, and I don't like it. It just better work.
  • Carlee's burpin' side. Yes the little stinker thinks it is absolutely the coolest thing that she learned how to burp as good as the boys. No princess there.
  • Get ready to rumble rivalry. The kids are so terrible to one another. They don't like to share, they hit, yell, antagonize, tease, and fight. Sigh. At least I know they love each other at school. Collin is very protective of her there and proud to have his sis in school. Now if only they could get along at home...

What I'll appreciate in '09

  • Having my brother home in May. We haven't seen Ryan in awhile so it'll be fun to have him home for awhile.
  • Harry Potter and Transformers. Yea sequels!
  • Traveling. I love new places. I'm hoping to go back east to visit my sister in law and take Collin on his first beach trip. My hubby wants to go to Lagoon again (this time with Collin). I wanted to go to SLC to watch Wicked but I checked today and it's sold out already. Dang it!!! I'm also looking forward to camping trips, fishing trips, outdoor adventures and more state fair trips!
  • My family. Of course I had to list my fam here too. They are THAT awesome.
  • A wedding?? Mandy? Trent? Hope you guys don't get mad for me putting this on here. You're just too cute together.


  • I could list a bunch of resolutions on here but I won't. I never keep them. I never remember them. I don't care about them basically. I just wanna have fun with my family and be happy. Sounds good enough to me.

Bye Bye 2008.

Hello 2009!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi Everyone!

It seems like it's been forever since I've been on here!

I haven't hardly been on the computer at all though since the holiday season always keeps me so busy.

We've been:




cleaning the house for parties

spending time with family

shoveling LOTS of snow

and LOTS of goofing!!

I'll do a catch up blog hopefully this weekend.

Until then hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

I told Collin to ask Santa for one thing and he ends up asking for a lot more than that! They weren't even what I thought he was going to ask for. I can't even understand some of what he was saying either. All I got out of it was...

...a laser tag gun

and a

a rock and roll guitar.

What else is he asking for?

Can you hear with all that

background noise?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My new love...

...is cake balls! I'll post the recipe on my food blog later today!



Kindergarten Christmas Program

Collin's class sang a medley of Christmas faves last Friday. Collin looked so enthused as he stuck his hands in his pockets with a smug look on his face. He only took his hands out to do the motions of the songs. He looked cute in his little reindeer antlers though! He did an excellent job and I'll have to post video on his and Carlee's blogs when I get time later this week.

When we drove to grandma's house the next morning they were playing Up on the Housetop on the radio which is one of the songs he sang. He pointed to the radio and said, "They are singing that song on the radio? That is soooo creepy." Yes Collin, other people know that song too.


Pre-School Christmas Program

Carlee's class was so adorable as they lined up to present their short Christmas program. People couldn't resist commenting about Carlee as I heard from the audience, "Look how little she is!" and "She is soooo cute!" She was dressed up as the Christmas doll and since she is already a doll it didn't take much effort!

She supposedly has learned to say Merry Christmas in her classroom although I can't get her to say it at home. When she got to the mic she just squeaked out what sounded something like "mo". It was adorable though and she wasn't scared on the stage. She didn't really sing the songs but she did do the actions to the Christmas Hokey Pokey!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Snow has yet to show up on the ground. I bet we'll get some before Christmas.

2. I'm looking forward to Christmas ofcourse! Plus all the goodies associated with it. I'm making cake balls next week. Yum!

3. Ever After is the best Cinderella story ever. I've seen it so much I could probably spout the entire script.

4. One of my favorite old tv shows is Laurel and Hardy.

5. I'm done with Christmas shopping for the kids but I want to buy them more! I keep telling myself NO.

6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is family gatherings. Love you fam!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a cheesy Christmas show with Collin, tomorrow my plans include heading over to I.F. to do some shopping and Sunday, I want to be over my sinus/cold crap and sleep through the night!

Go ahead and play! http://www.fridayfillins.blogspot.com


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enter the Sandman

I was very jealous looking at these sleepy slumbering photos. Why? Because I haven't slept past 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. in four nights. Last night I faired a little better. I just wish I could sleep like a child again. Doesn't it look peaceful?

Mr. Sandman

Sprinkle your magic sand
into my eyes that
I may dream a sweet dream.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wildlife Wednesday

Eric snuck a few pics last week of this lone buck on our property.

The deer love to come over and drink from our faucet since it's always leaking!

He got really close to our house as Eric snapped pics from our bathroom window.

We spotted these guys a few days ago. I wish I had my other lens on so I could have got a closer picture! Oh well, at least the kids got to see them. Collin says, "They were so cool!"


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble 'em up cookies.

Remind me next year to NEVER make turkey cookies again. Seriously, they took WAY too long. They turned out cute though so I bet I'll still make 'em again. A year away should make me forget how much time and effort they took!

My mom came over and helped me make some of these while we tried to watch a movie together. The kids are always too loud whenever we try to make a movie. Knuckleheads. I had to send the "UR A Turkey" cookies to my brother Ryan. He loved 'em.

Collin got in on the fun and made these cookies. He wanted to make a lot more but since he never eats them (and I was running out of frosting) I only let him make this many. He only ate one and it was the one LOADED with frosting. I really needed a picture of that one.
Well, onto Christmas cookies in a few weeks!