Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Collin!

4 years old I can't believe it! He was just a baby yesterday it seems. The time flies by so quickly. Especially this month. It flew by very fast! Collin requested to have a pirate party this year. He was so excited when Sunday finally came around and he knew it was party time. We were able to have his cousin Alec spend the night with us on Saturday so he was extra excited. It was crazy having the two run around the house like little wildmen but it was fun and Collin loved it.
Kaitlyn individually wrapped matchbox cars for Collin to open. He had a hard time opening them and had to have Kaitlyn's help but it was funny.
Collin absolutely loved the light wand he got from Grandma and Grandpa Metcalf. After he opened that he didn't care much to open the rest of the presents!

Eric and I, along with grandma and grandpa Jensen, got him junior golf clubs. He already had one club but he has so much fun golfing that we knew he would love these. He loves golfing with his uncle Levi so hopefully he'll make it home soon and golf with him.

Transformers! I remember transformers being popular when I was a kid. Apparently so did his uncle Mark because it looked like he was having as much fun playing with them as Collin did.

The kids had fun going on the treasure hunt. Kaitlyn read the clues out loud and then they all went searching. Collin and Alec were goofing around so much that they didn't really listen and just followed Kaitlyn wherever she directed them to.

The boys didn't wear their pirate costumes very long. I think Alec enjoyed his the most because he kept saying, "Arrr, I look like a pirate, huh!"

All in all it was a fun day. We had lots of family over so it was fun seeing everyone again. Thanks to everyone who came and made Collin's day special. He loves all of his granny's and grampa's and cousins and aunts and uncles so much! It's wonderful to have so many family members close to us in the valley.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

07-24-07 T-Ball

What kind of pose is that Collin?

In Idaho we play T-Ball in our cowgirl boots!

What a hit Collin!

Collin was asking if the batter was a good hitter!

Collin is ready for any catch!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fishing at Green Lake


Collin, Eric, and I ready to go fishing!

Every year that we go to Copper Basin we have to head up the Green Lake. The ride up isn't too bad even though my butt got sore riding on the back! Then we have to walk up a pretty steep rocky trail. It's worth it though because we always catch a lot of fish and they are so good to eat! Collin really enjoys fishing and this year he got to try out his rocket fishing rod although the regular fishing poles are so much better. His grandpa Larry helped him reel in a couple fish on his pole. I even caught three fish! Yea me!

It was so funny when Collin opened up the worm container and said, "Worms are so cute!" He is definitely a character. I'm glad that Metny and Matt came with us, too. Metny helped Collin out with his rocket rod and brought up Dill flavored sunflower seeds. Yum! Mathew and Eric went furthest around the lake and caught a lot on thier spinners even though they let most of them go. Neither of them like to eat fish, just catch 'em.

Camping Fun!

07-20-07 Thru 07-22-07

Ahhh, camping fun. Collin kept asking for about a week and a half before we went camping when we were going, is today the day, how many days till we get there, how many hours, is it time yet... Yeah, you could say he was excited. It's so much fun going camping up in Copper Basin. I've been four times now? Something like that, but it has been fun every time. It takes alot to get ready though and I felt so exhausted Sunday night when we got back that I went to bed at 8:00 as Eric put the baby to bed and took care of Collin. Unpacking is the worst part!We stayed in the paid campgrounds this year since our favorite spots were taken and these were the only spots we could have a fire.

Carlee had so much fun this year! She was pretty little last year when we went and mostly just stayed in her walker, but this year she got down and dirty! She was NOT content to sit at the table, in her walker, or in someone's arms. She had to be down in the action and fully enjoy nature, and even taste it too.

She loved to chase after the dogs. Grandma and Grandpa Jensen brought her best friend Rowdy and Grandma and Grandpa Brewer brought thier dog Rusty. She was so excited to see both of them since she is such an animal lover. I'll bet one day she'll beg to her daddy enough to get her a pet. So far he says a big flat out NO!/Grandpa Jensen always brings headlights camping and Carlee just loved it although she kept putting it over her eyes!

The kids loved taking wagon rides. We went 0n a few walks and loved to stop to see the chipmunks and birds. We stopped once by the river to throw in rocks but I guess we were gone too long because the grandma's and Eric came out looking for us. /Collin is posing in his hankerchief left by smoky the bear. We were up fishing at the time so he didn't get to see him but he liked the hankie.

Collin is always such a little helper. He wants to help with everything including trying to air up the camper tire./After we set up our dining area Collin kept zipping himself up and saying, "Oh no, I'm trapped. Now what do I do?" It was so cute! I don't know if we'll go again this year but I'm glad the kids had so much fun.

Funny faces!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Go Orange Team!


Only 3 games left this season!

When we got to the field we weren't sure if they were going to get to play. The rainclouds above us threatened a downpour. Luckily each team got to bat one inning before the rain started and everyone ran for cover!

Collin in the outfield with his teammates and his Coach Natasha. Grandpa was a good sport and helped the kids in the outfield telling them when to run to their bases.

Collin was very funny that night because he kept on following the coaches daughter, Maddie, around everywhere. He even had to stop the catching line to ask the coach if he could stand next to her!

Collin let his coach pitch to him that night instead of him hitting off the tee which he insisted on doing the last game. His hitting is getting better!

Collin was manning his base and wasn't about to let a blue team member steal it from him!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My little Messy Face

Carlee is such a messy eater! She always ditches her spoon completely and likes to lick it off her fingers.

She also really loves spaghetti. I think she's allergic
to tomatoes so she doesn't get it often, but when she does she really digs in!

Atomic Days Parade

July 14, 2007

In Arco every year we celebrate Atomic Days since Arco was the first city to be lit by atomic power. It's a bigger event in Arco than even the fourth of July! We have a big parade and lots of events going on around town like softball, volleyball, horseshoes, sidewalk sales, and the big Atomic Days Rodeo. We didn't make it to the rodeo this year so Collin didn't get to do the stick horse race, but there's always next year!
Before the start of the parade they always have a plane fly overhead and drop ping pong balls for the kids to pick up. Collin was so upset that he didn't get one. There were too many big kids around pushing their way in to get one. After that he just sat down and cried. Luckily for him (and us) a policeman threw out a few more balls at the start of the parade and he was able to get one after all.

Carlee saying, "Ohhhhh..." because she saw the horses.

Another cheesy grin sighting!

Eric says this will be Collin in a few years. Ahhh, scary!

Carlee loves to sit on grandmas shoulders!

Collin managed to get some candy even though the bigger kids kept taking most of everything. He would politely let the other kids grab some before getting some for him. Kind of suprising with how much he likes candy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Collin the Jabberbox!

Anyone who knows Collin knows that he loves to talk! Collin's coach was trying to pitch to him during T-Ball but he stopped her three or four times before his pitch for various things like to feel how hard his bat was, or ask, "Do you want me to hit it over there or over there?" His coach Natasha said, "Collin you just make me laugh!" His grandma was just telling people how much he loved to talk and they got to see it firsthand. He usually has to comment on something before he'll do it. I also see him always talking to the girls. He likes to talk to the coaches daughter the most. They had pictures last week so I'll put those on a future blog.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can you do me a favor?

This is the conversation that I hear every day in my house. "Mommy, can you do me a favor?" usually followed by "Can you get me some milk?" I honestly only asked Collin to do me a favor once and ever since then he is
constantly asking for a favor. It was cute at first but now I hear him say it ten or more times a day! I'm hoping that he'll just start asking for what he wants instead of asking for a favor first.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zoo Fun!

The kids loved the petting zoo because they could be up close to the animals. Carlee went the craziest over the chickens even though they were just in a cage and she couldn't touch them.

Collin absolutely loved the otters. He kept saying, "Swim otters! Swim!"

Collin with his big cheesy grin overlooking the flamingos.

Carlee loved this monkey! He only came down from his perch when a child was down by the glass.

My little grumpies! This picture was taken as we were about ready to leave. It was a really hot day but overall they had alot of fun.