Saturday, August 30, 2008

That's gotta hurt...

This is the second time I caught Carlee sleeping on the wood floor. Last time she was sleeping on the kitchen floor. This time at least she was near her room. The flash woke her up so I put the little sweetie back in bed. Just one question...


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Angel

Ode to the Man

Thank you honey! They are beautiful!
My sweet hubby suprised me at work last Friday with roses. (Something I haven't seen in ages but we won't go there...) He thought I didn't appreciate them since I blogged my roses outside but not the ones he got for me. I thought I better put these on here because I really did appreciate them. In fact, I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved them! They smelled sooooo good! The other girls were jealous. He also snuck a few pics of me in the clinic while he was there the stinker. I hate pictures of myself!!

Love you honey!


Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days

What do you think of when you hear the word yellow? I think of sunflowers swaying in the breeze...sunny bright days...curly blond tendrils on little girls...bright happy rooms...bananas by the bushel. That's what I usually think of when I think of yellow. Now pictures this. A large, noisy, diesel guzzling monster coming for my little boy. It steals his infancy and his parents tears. That's right. It's the school bus. My little baby is now an official kindergartner. Who said he gets to grow up? That wasn't part of the deal when I held his tiny body after he was born. The spindly long arms and legs now have muscles. The cute baby cankles are no more. My baby just isn't a baby any more. I'm sure every parent has a hard time letting their little ones grow up. Soon he'll be making more decisions on his own and not be so dependant on his mom and dad. I cherish these days when he's still my little boy. I hope they don't go by too quickly...

The night before school Collin said, "I think I'll go to school for one day and that's all." Sorry kiddo. Your days of freedom are over! Daddy had the opportunity to get Collin ready for his first day of school. He packed his bag and drove him to the elementary. Eric got to see the classroom, the other kindergartners, the teacher, everything. I wish I could have gone too but I had to work. It's probably a good thing I didn't go because I would have been boobing the whole time. As it was Eric had a hard time keeping himself together too.

Eric was supposed to pick Collin up after school and take him up to see mama but Collin wanted to ride the bus instead. He ended up falling asleep on the bus! I think we're going to have a problem with that. At least his cousin Metny rides his bus in the afternoon so she can watch out for him. She didn't even know he was on the bus yesterday though. The bus driver had to tell her that her cousin was on the bus. Metny didn't think he was old enough yet! Me too, Metny. Me too...

Mrs. Browne, Colton, and Collin. Collin said he and Colton are friends now.

Getting off his first bus ride.


Friday, August 22, 2008

10th Anniversary

We really need a more recent picture of us together!

It's been 10 years today honey-we made it! I thought I'd recap by answering some questions of our lives when we were first starting out.

  1. Where did you first meet each other? I was working at the local grocery store and Eric had to come in and "check me out". My cousin Doug actually set us up. It's funny because Doug tried to set us up when I was in junior high or high school I don't remember. I wouldn't even speak to him then!

  2. What was your first date? We double dated with my cousin Doug and his girlfriend Danette. She lived in Idaho Falls so we drove over to pick her up. When we got there Doug and Danette had a huge fight and spent forever talking it out so Eric took me out to a movie and dinner. I remember we went and watched The Man in the Iron Mask. Eric thought I didn't like him because I didn't talk to him during the movie. I'm sorry but when I go to a movie I actually want to watch it! Then we went and ate at Subway and talked. We had a good time.

  3. When and where was your first kiss? I think it was only on our second date that Eric kissed me. We were playing games with friends in his mom's basement and he leaned over and kissed me.

  4. Did you have a long courtship? Not really. We met in March and got married in August.

  5. Where did you get engaged? I remember talking to Eric in the car and we both just knew. He gave me my ring while at my mom's house when we were playing Monopoly. That was back when would actually play board games with me...

  6. When and where were you married? We got married on August 22, 1998 in the Moore Stake Center. We later got sealed for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. Don't ask me what date that was because I don't remember! You know how the man usually forgets dates? Not in my family, I'm the one that forgets. I think it was in May.

  7. Where did you go on a honeymoon? Ummm...what honeymoon? Unfortunately Eric's grandpa passed away around the same time. We got married, spent the night in the Romeo and Juliet suite in Pocatello, came back for his funeral, and then Eric had a job interview the next day. There was no time (or money) for an official honeymoon.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

They Live!!

Collin and I went out to check the mail tonight and look what we found! I am so excited because this is the very first rose to grow on our property. Isn't it beautiful? The other rose bushes don't look as good as this one but I just had to document this momentous occasion. It's nice to see the hard work bring forth beauty. It was all worth it!

I do realize ofcourse that I have been neglecting them. They are getting chocked out with weeds. I know they'd grow a lot better without the competition. Well, I guess I better get busy since this coming weekend I'm finally free. No more goofing off. I'm just really excited that they are growing.

Collin wanted me to take this picture. As he was walking around he was so excited and kept saying look at that flower! (alfalfa) And look at the pretty leaves! (weeds) At least the sunflower is an actual flower even if it is wild.


Mr. Wayne = Mr. Sensitive

I was driving the kids to grandma's house this morning when a song came on the radio. The man sang, "I'm leaving...never to come back again..." I don't know who sang it. I wasn't really paying much attention.

Collin says in a sad voice from the backseat, "Mom, this song is making me sad."
I asked, "Why, because he's leaving?"
(Sniff) "Yeah, why is he leaving?"
"I don't know why," I reply.
"Well, this song is going to make me cry."


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Copper Basin Camping Fun!

Day One
Yea! The kids were sooooo excited to head up camping this past weekend. Collin woke up Friday morning and was walking towards me. All the sudden he stops and gives me a huge smile. I thought, it's so nice to get a such a happy morning greeting and braced myself for a hug. Instead of coming over to me he said, "Today we're going camping!!" Oh, he wasn't excited to see me at all. He was ready to go. That's okay I was excited to go too. It was so much work to even get ready to go though. All the packing, cleaning, organizing and setting up camp. It hardly seems worth all the trouble. Maybe if we didn't need so much stuff. Oh well, as you can see from the pictures below we had fun anyways. Hopefully these trips will give the kids some good memories. Carlee has only been at camp a few hours and is already dirty. She would sit and play in the dirt for hours if I let her at home. Now is her chance!
She also loves rocks.

Me, Kaitlyn, Carlee and Collin
Friday night the four of us dressed up in our "war paint" and pretended to be Indians raiding the camp. Kaitlyn always makes camping fun and I'm so glad that she came!

Carlee snuggling and holding hands with grandma Brewer. What a special girl she is. She ended up having her first sleepover with Kaitlyn. According to miss Katie-Kate Carlee hogged the pillow all night.

Day Two

Saturday morning we ate a yummy breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. Tina made a special batter of pancakes just for Carlee with no eggs. Turns out she's really allergic to eggs. Who knew? The pancakes actually stayed together and tasted good! Then we got ready to go up to Green Lake. We can't have a camping trip without a fishing trip too. It's so much fun!

Collin practiced his casting and did such an excellent job for his first time. He looked like he'd been doing it for years!

10 of us piled up on motorbikes while Kevin followed partway up in his truck. Only Tina and grandma Brewer stayed at camp. A few years ago I wouldn't be caught dead on a motorbike. I was so scared to ride on one because Eric was such a crazy driver. He finally convinced me to go and I've been loving rides ever since. Eventually I want to learn to drive one but Eric's is too tall for me to even try.
Eric, me, Carlee and Kevin headed up the newest trail while everyone else headed up the river trail. It's mostly shale rock so you have to be careful. On the way up I spotted a butterfly lazing out in the grass. Isn't he cute?

Carlee had to explore the little cave on the way with her dad. This is her first time going up to the lake. She was excited to get out with the big "kids".

We made it!

Carlee enjoying the view...
...and the plants!

Kaitlyn, Collin, Rowdy dog, Levi, Cher and Justin

Collin getting ready to catch a big one!

My hubby always catches the most fish wherever we go. I don't know what it is.

Levi and Collin

Carlee Ann loved the worms! She kept wanting me to open the lid so she could look at them.

This is her face after she touched one. Can you say "Ewww!" She wasn't afraid of them though. Then again I don't know anything that she is scared of!

Relaxing with grandpa Jensen.

Adorable Collin!

One of the boys left their pole on the ground so Carlee picked it up and started fishing!!

Snuggles with mom under the trees. She was getting really tired until she saw Collin Wayne take off his clothes and dip his feet in the water. Then she was ready to take off her clothes and jump in!

Adorable Kaitlyn.

Matt was the only one to go completely under the water. Brrrrrrr!

Collin only got his feet wet. It was too cold for him.

Cher, Matt, and Kaitlyn (By the way Kaitlyn pushed Cher into the lake! She apologized after she felt how cold it was!)

Carlee was in heaven when Cher took her into the water. She was the only one that didn't complain about how cold the water was. As long as it's wet Carlee is happy. I wish I could have gone in too. Next year I'll have to bring extra clothes. That didn't stop the others from going in though. Levi, Cher, Kaitlyn, Collin and Matt were all in their underwear. Carlee just shed everything, the little nudist. If I didn't get rashes from the sun I think I would have done it too!
Redneck fishing.

Carlee spent over and hour sitting naked on a rock playing with the fish that everyone caught.

I thought she would be scared to touch them but she was having the time of her life playing with them!

Matt the fish gutter.

Kaitlyn made sure she was the last person to fish.

Pretending to fish with a stick.

Rowdy snuck in a nap.

Heading back down the mountain. All of us took the river trail down. The views were alot better than the rocky side. I think I'll go that way both ways next time.

This is a shot to remember. Larry actually relaxing!!
Saturday night most of us sat down by the fire enjoying each others company and watching Matt light a couple farts with a lighter. Yes, you read that right. It's too bad Collin was already asleep. He is always full of gas. Of course then he might of wanted to try it too and would've singed his p.j.'s. It's probably better that he was asleep. Kevin just started roasting the marshmallows when we started to hear rustling in the woods. No one said anything so I thought maybe I was being paranoid. Then I heard it again and so did Eric. He drove his bike around the back of the camp and we shined lights trying to scare whatever it was away. It sounded big from the rustling it was making. It could have been a bear smelling our food or a wolf. Eric said a deer wouldn't get that close to us. Needless to say Katie-Kate and I headed for the camper! Kaitlyn, Carlee and I all slept together that night while the boys stood guard for awhile. I wasn't worried because we were packing alot of heat. If something messed with our camp it wouldn't be alive for long!
I'm glad the kids had so much fun this year. I endure no shower mostly because they have so much fun and I enjoy seeing them happy. Sunday we packed up and got ready to go. Eric and Matt wanted to ride their motorbikes home with Kevin following them in his truck. That left me to drive one of the campers out of the mountain. I've hardly driven the truck and now I had to drive it with the camper behind me? Well, there's a first time for everything. It wasn't too bad driving it. I just had to take the corners a little wider and go slower than my lead foot would usually go. We survived and all made it home in one piece!
Carlee and Collin cleaned up with shiny faces after a long shower. Well, except for the spot where Collin's bandaid was. We scrubbed but it still didn't come off. There's nothing better than a shower after a weekend in the woods!