Thursday, June 26, 2008

Craters of the Moon

There is beauty all around...


A mere 18 miles southwest of Arco, ID is a whole different landscape to behold. Beautiful volcanoes, caves, tunnels and lava fields make up a sea of rock. Flowers and vegetation grow precariously out of the hardened volcanic ground. In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge established the Craters of the Moon National Monument to preserve " a weird and scenic landscape, peculiar to itself." It's breathtaking to walk the paths and see how life has sprung up anew despite the devastation of lava over acres of land.

It was a fun, beautiful trip and hopefully we'll go more often!
To learn more about Craters of the Moon go to

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick trip to Silliness

On Monday little Carlee had two appointments in Idaho Falls. This is never a good thing...She's usually cranky when we go to town. Lucky for us she was great that day. The last time we went to her dermatologist she cried the entire time and nothing (not even a sucker) would calm her down. She'd cry if the doctor even looked her direction. The poor dear was hurting with all her itchy skin and cuts from her fingernails. I'd be cranky too. Thankfully she was an angel this time.
After her appointments Eric wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse. I didn't care that it was more expensive. I couldn't stomach another McDonald's burger. Eric kept saying to Collin, "Are you ready to try some of their world famous steak?" Collin liked it but Carlee mostly filled up on rolls and fries. Not that I blame her. The rolls are de-lish and I mostly filled up on them too!
I'm glad that the music was loud in the restaurant because my kids are loud. Carlee scared the guys sitting on the next table when she stood up and screamed over their booth. They were probably glad when we left!

Double-Trouble Duo

Sweet Miss Carlee

By the time we got to Walmart I was exhausted. Carlee and I waited in the car but at least when I'm with her I'm never bored! She is always acting silly! Check out her silliness below:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping: Day Three

The whole time we were camping someone had the brilliant idea that whenever one of the kids would clean up trash, put wood on the fire, or any other errand without being asked they would get a ticket put into a prize bucket with thier name on it. At the end of the night they would draw out four names and those lucky ones would each get to pick out a prize. Genius I tell you. We had more little helpers than I've ever seen. The last day they decided to draw early so Collin would get a prize. Collin's name was called and he raced over and grabbed the bubble gun.

There's a new sheriff in town...
The silly boys.
Ahhh, he's gonna squirt me!

I took full advantage of my last day. Eric took off golfing again so I got Collin dressed in his swim clothes and life jacket. Then I packed my chair, drinks, a new book and an umbrella down to the dock. I let Collin do his thing and I did mine. I sat down to read on the gently swaying dock and felt completely at peace. I had the best time! I didn't even feel guilty of leaving Carlee at home at that moment (okay maybe a little). I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.
Collin was a little accident prone that last day. First he fell out of his bed so we found his sleeping bag on the floor of the camper. I must have been really tired because I didn't hear him fall! Then Gunner accidently hit Collin's chin with a rock. Then Collin hit his shin hard on the steps at home. Finally he hurt himself getting out of the pickup at grandma's house. Oh boy... at least Collin said he had such a good time that he already wants to go back!


Collin was exhausted on the ride home as you can see!

Camping: Day Two

Day two consisted of more water fun. Collin, Gunner, Grandma Lynn and I headed to the docks while Eric was out golfing. (They had a course only three miles away) They shot each other with water while I shot thier pics!

I'm gonna get you!
Cute little Gunner.

I think she got more than she bargained for...
Cole showed us all how to wake board and he went around the lake about 10 times. He did awesome!

Cole and Collin

Ahhh, it's cold!
Silly Collin

The boys on the tube
Eric decided to try wakeboarding. He wasn't very successful though. Sorry honey. It's actually really hard to get up on that board. He said his hands and forearms were sore from his attempts.
Here we go!
Almost up!!

Oh, and down hard...
Collin got tired of waiting for daddy to get up on the board and he fell asleep.
See the drool?

Camping: Day One

Whenever Eric's friend Paxton comes home from Texas for a visit we always end up at his family reunion. His family kind of adopted us. They told us to come to the reunion even the years that Paxton and his fiance Deb don't come home. They treat us like family, teasing and all. "Grandpa" even told me to sit on his knee and he'd treat me like his own. They are a hilarious bunch and so much fun to be around.
Soon after we got done setting up camp Paxton's brother brought out the slip 'n slide for the kids. I sat down with the other members of the family and watched the kids have fun.

Collin and Gunner were instantly best buds. They are only a year and a half apart.

The campsite had a fun little playground that the kids (and sometimes me!) played on.
Collin and daddy
One of the family members had a speed boat so alot of our entertainment was out on the lake. We were also entertained by the people unloading their boats. There were some pretty funny characters (mostly rednecks).
Collin loved watching the kids knee board. He kept waiting for them to crash and thought it was so funny. He was a little bit apprehensive to swim with the other kids but once he saw how much fun they were having he joined in the fun. He spent hours in and out of the water. He swam, splashed, chased around with squirt guns, and laughed as the waves hit his legs. It was intoxicating just watching how happy he was. I knew Carlee would have had the time of her life in the water but with her eczema I also knew it would have made her itch to death living three days in lake water.

This boy swears that he had fun although his face showed otherwise during his entire ride.
At least she smiled!

Deb and Collin

Paxton and his boy Gunner are on the left.

Tubing time! This was Collin's first time being pulled by a boat.

Collin looked a little scared during parts of the ride but overall he loved it!

You can see that tube went flat during their ride. Eric said he had a hard time staying on when it started losing air!

Squirt guns on the dock. What a fun day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jensen's Out!

Hi everybody! The Jensen's are heading out of town for a camping trip but I'll post pics next week! Little Miss handful, excuse me, I mean Carlee is staying home with grandma. We'll be by a lake and near rivers which are simply irresistible for a two year old water baby. So, we decided to be selfish and enjoy a weekend without stressing every two seconds worrying if she's in the water or what trouble she'll be getting into next.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Lorie tagged me with some q's so here goes:

  1. What was I doing 10 years ago: Let's see, 1998. I was working at the local grocery store after taking a break from college. Little did I know that I'd meet my future husband there! We dated for a few short months and then got married in August. love!

  2. What's on my to-do list today: I need to call my friend Julie and see when her two cute girls are going to come over to play tonight. Need to do a load of laundry. Put together a few more things to get ready to go camping. Hopefully bake some cookies to take with us too.

  3. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire: How many billions are we talking? I'd give at least 1 billion to my parents and to my awesome mother and father-in-law. (This could never repay all they've done for me though!) I'd put another billion each in each of the kids savings accounts. Pay off all the bills. Then I'd hire a landscaper and put in a deck and hot tub. I'd get my mustang and Australia trip. Oh, plus I'd donate some money to our new hospital that is in the works and put in a therapeutic swimming pool.

  4. 3 bad habits: Procrastination, not-exercising or eating right, and according to my husband not keeping the kitchen floor clean.

  5. Places I've lived: Moore, ID; Leslie, ID; Pocatello, ID; Salt Lake City, UT; Mesa, AZ; Idaho Falls, ID; and two summers in Dilingham, AK.

  6. Things people don't know about me: I have a desire to become an optometrist and an author. I'm secretly glad to have the TV on kid shows for my two sweeties but actually it's something I want to watch!

I tag Tina, Mandy, mom, and whoever else wants to do it!

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!

Yesterday Eric and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda. It was a movie that we all enjoyed-even daddy. Jack Black did an excellent job as the voice of Po. It followed his character from the noodle soup family business to becoming a high action Kung Fu dragon warrior. He had to overcome what everyone else expected of him to achieve what his heart desired. The story was funny, energetic and entertaining. I was a little nervous that the villain would be a little too scary for the kids because they definitely made him sinister looking and vengeful. They didn't seem to have a problem with it though. Carlee even punched out her little fists when the fighting was going on and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It had a good moral to the story too but you'll have to watch it to find out what it is! Overall it was well worth watching. It had us laughing and by the end Carlee was singing to the ending credits. Too cute.
Collin and Carlee (mostly Carlee) finished off the popcorn on the ride home and Collin posed in his best karate stances.

What a grin!
Carlee downing the popcorn * Hi-Yaw!
Check out Collin's crane pose!

Wow, entertainment on the ride home too! * Karate Chop!