Friday, August 31, 2007

A Peek at Times Past...

Always Cherish the PastTender Moments: Collin holding Carlee's hand...

and giving her a kiss!

Collin used to fall asleep in the kitchen chair during lunch. It was so adorable!

This was Collin's first time to "clean" the kitchen floor. Many more years of cleaning to come Collin!

I really miss Carlee's little chubby legs! They were the cutest ever!

I can barely remember Carlee without hair. She looks so different now! The time passes by too quickly for me. Soon enough they won't be my babies anymore. Carlee will be two in October and Collin will be a school boy before I know it. But, they will always be my babies no matter how old they get!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mr. Blue

Blue underwear and blue hair=goofball!
Need I say more?

Copper Basin Camping Trip

Back up to Copper Basin! Collin was so excited to go back. He absolutely loves camping. Carlee loves it too. I'm glad that this trip she was walking so she was able to explore a little bit better.
This time she got to explore the river a little bit more. She was so excited as we trekked down the tiny hill to the river. I let her throw rocks in although she doesn't throw far so we got pretty close to the edge.

Collin can never go to the river without picking out the biggest rocks to splash.
Collin was "fixing" the wagon. He and his cousin Kaitlyn broke the back when they were together a few days earlier. After Tina fixed it Collin wanted to help and I couldn't believe that he actually unscrewed one of the screws!
Carlee was lounging around in Collin's dump truck.

Grandpa Larry pushed Carlee down the hill for a little ride. She was laughing so hard! I don't think she wanted to stop.
Everyone had a good time even though we were all tired by the time we were done. It takes a lot of work to go camping. Thanks Larry and Tina for all the time you put into getting ready so the kids could have a great time on their camping trip!

Bellas Lake

Bellas Lake Fun!

This year we thought it would be fun to go to a different lake. We couldn't take the motorbikes up the trail and I wasn't sure we would make it with the kids walking but we agreed to take the challenge. I think it ended up being about 5 miles both ways. Sweet Larry told us it would only be about 3 miles when we started. The trip up took a long time since it was all mostly uphill. Everytime I thought we were getting close another hill would present itself. Carlee had to be carried the whole way and Collin had to be carried quite a bit too. (He's heavy! Thank goodness Eric and Larry are strong.)


We left camp at 12:00 and didn't make it up there until after 2:30. The lake was beautiful despite the hazy smoke in the area. I wish I got better pictures of it but I was too tired and forgot to take an overview picture of the lake.


I had alot of fun. I love hiking and don't get the chance very often to go so even though I was tired and achy I loved it. I hope we'll go up to another lake next year. I love to see new places!

Collin posing with grass in his mouth.

Collin and Carlee's human horses!

Collin dancing at the lake!

Collin was having alot of fun throwing sticks in the water.

Peek-A-Boo Collin!

Exhausted Justin and Amber.

Carlee sleeping at the lake.

Eric and Collin having a good time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary Eric!

08-22-07I met Eric about nine and a half years ago. I was working at a local grocery store at the time. Eric soon became a frequent shopper so he could "check me out". Our first date was not what either of us expected. We double dated with my cousin Doug (one of Eric's best buds) over in Idaho Falls. Unfortunately when we went to pick up Doug's date (and future wife!) they had a huge fight. Eric and I left them to it and went out by ourselves. We went to the movie The Man in the Iron Mask and Eric didn't think I liked him because I sat mesmerized by the screen. He didn't know that when I go out to watch a movie I actually sit and watch it. We ate at the subway and talked and laughed before going back to pick up Doug. We were inseparable after that.
Our dating period seemed to pass by quickly. I remember sitting in Doug's car one night and Eric telling me not to worry until he said he was in love with me, not just saying I love you. I guess that's how we started talking about marriage. Neither of us really remember how we started talking about it. It just seemed meant to be. The engagement was short and we were soon wed in the Moore Ward. We were later sealed in the temple which was more amazing than our first wedding.
I'm so happy to be married to Eric. We have our problems as everyone does but there is something really special about him. He is my best friend and we have alot of fun together. He's a wonderful father. He loves his children and cares for them (even though I can count the number of times he has changed Carlee's diaper on one hand). I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I want him to know that I will love him now and forever.

Music Monday!

We decided that this past Monday was music night! First, Collin favored us with a special musical number on his drums.

Carlee and I applauded as he posed for us when he was done. Then we had fun dancing to loud rock music. Carlee did her own version of breakdancing by spinning around and around on the floor.

Collin danced in circles shaking the cups in his hands.

Then Collin showed off his best moves. I did take a short video clip but unfortunately it came out sideways. I really need to get him on the video camera because it was so adorable!

We ended our music night with the book Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss. The book showed the kids new instruments and they loved it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Night on the Town

This past weekend Eric and I got to go out to Idaho Falls by ourselves as kind of a small anniversary getaway. We went to Eric's favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse where he ordered the same thing he always does when we go there: sirloin steak, baked potato, and unfortunately for me, a bowl of chili. We then went to the movie No Reservations which had us both laughing at how controlling the main character was. We spent the night and got up for a yummy breakfast then made the one stop we always have to go to when in Idaho Falls; grand ol' Walmart. We had fun although I'm not as good at taking pictures of us as of the kids.

The best thing about our night out?

  1. We got to have grown up dinner-no sharing a happy meal with the kids.

  2. We could afford to order dessert-cheesecake anyone?

  3. We went to a movie that had no cartoon characters.

  4. We stayed out past midnight and didn't have to worry about tired, cranky kids.

  5. We had a quiet breakfast.

  6. We went to Walmart without hearing, "I want this and I want that. I need candy!"

  7. We just enjoyed adult time, but I was missing the kids on the drive home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Avatar Fun!

Have you ever pondered, "What would I look like as a cartoon character?" Mom and I played around with Simpson avatars to see what we would like as Simpson characters but I couldn't save those pictures for some reason. I had fun playing around on a few different cartoon avatar sites but Portrait Illustration Maker was my favorite. (The nice thing about them is that you can make yourself look better as a cartoon than in real life!)

To go to Portrait Illustration Maker click on:

To play around with Simpson avatars go to: and click on create your Simpson's avatar.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Underwear Show?


Collin and I made cat and mouse puppets this weekend and then he put on a puppet show for me. We just read Hickory Dickory Dock so I thought he was going to say something about that but instead this is what came out.

"Do you have underwear on?"

"I have on underwear, too. And mine's green."

I don't know where that came from! It's funny what kids think about.

Workin' at the Car Wash!


Collin wanted to help wash the car on Saturday and he
had so much fun! I let him be in charge of the hose
although as much water got on Carlee as on the car!

Just remember Collin that you said washing the car was fun
when you get into your teenage years!

My water baby didn't care that the water was freezing.
She even tried to suck up the water that was on the

Monday, August 13, 2007

Collin's shopping spree

Okay, so I'm usually the mean mom and make Collin put his birthday money in the bank, but this year I let him go to Idaho Falls with me to spend some dough. As you can see he loves balls. Now we've got to go to the park and test them out.Collin also got some paints. I never let him have any before but, alas, it was inevitable. He absolutely had a blast and the best part was that they were 'Color Wonder' paints that only color on special paper. Whoever invented those is a genius!

Collin & Carlee's Photo shoot

Collin & Carlee

We had these taken a couple of months ago up at the Mackay Elementary. Collin really needed a haircut! They were both being very silly during thier photos but it really showcases thier personalities. Mom and I weren't really that impressed with these guys (their prices were outrageous!). I only agreed to go to them because it was for a cheerleading fundraiser and I like to support them, but next time I think we'll just donate to them and forget the pictures.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Silly Kids!

I kid you not, this is how Collin came out of his room and asked, "How do I look, mommy?" What a goofy boy!

Collin thought he was pretty funny wearing his sunglasses upside down on our way to Idaho Falls.

Tub dining?

These are their play dishes, which they've never played with before in the tub. They had a blast though pretending to eat their interesting water food.

A doll amongst dolls. Carlee loves to drag out all of her babies and sit with them. She'll grab one and hug and kiss it, then grab another one until she's gone down the line. She is so precious!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Collin's First Award

07-31-07 Collin posing at home with his first ever award and new T-ball. All the kids got a certificate and ball along with ice cream and yummy cupcakes made by grandma Christensen. They held the awards ceremony at the Arco park and all the kids had a blast running around like little madmen and playing on the new toys. Later that night he played catch with his cousin Metny to try out his new ball.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Collin's last T-Ball Adventures

07-26-07 T-Ball!

T-Ball is officially over but it was a fun month. Collin was able to learn alot and make some new friends. I think he'll miss seeing his "Maddie" and the other kids on the team.


The last game he was so full of it! I don't even remember who he was shaking his fist at in the fourth picture. I told him we'll still practice some more in the park so he won't be quitting t-ball completely.

Check out Collin hitting the ball at: