Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween 2007

The Witches Quartet

I didn't have a costume but by the time I got home from
work Tina and mom rounded up enough stuff for me to
be a witch too!

The Cutest Army Duo

Heading off for trick or treat fun!

Collin and his loot!

Collin's favorite treat? Grandma's suckers!

Trunk or treat time! The kids had a lot of fun trick or treating this year. Poor Carlee was sick but was still able to participate in the fun. They trick or treated granny Jensen and Gary and Dawn then headed to the school for the trunk or treat. Next we went up to the hospital to get candy from the long term care patients. We went around the hospital hill houses for awhile before heading out to grandma Brewer's house. Collin couldn't wait to get out to their house. He loves his granny B and her suckers!

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