Monday, October 29, 2007

"Random Thoughts" By Collin Jensen

The following are all comments overheard by Collin, mostly out of the blue.
"You knock me out of peanuts."

"We should have a party outside. We could throw playdoh at each other. That would be fun!"

"I love Carlee. She's so gorgeous."

"Do I look handsome?"

"How many bites of this until I can have candy?"

"I don't know much about girls. I don't know thier names. I can only say grrrrsss."

"Do I take showers to get the fleas off?"

"Whoever has a square TV wins. Whoever has a circle TV loses."

"Carlee sure talks alot."

"I love everybody!"

"I'm the teacher. Today I'm going to teach you about cleaning. You need to clean the whole house...I don't clean, I'm the teacher!"

For Collin's first primary program he had to learn the line, "When I follow the example of Jesus Christ my faith grows." He had it down so when his leader tried to whisper his line to him he said,
"You don't have to tell me that!"

"I forgot to tell you one more thing! I love you. I'll miss you, bye."

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Mandy Lin said...

He is so funny. I love some of the random things he says. For example- Square tv's win. I don't know much about girls. Where does he get that stuff?

He also says some pretty sweet things. He always tells me that he loves me and misses me.

And he tels the truth...Carlee is gorgeous.

What a funny kid!!!