Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let it Snow!

Finally! A storm that gave us some actual snowfall! I hope it just keeps on coming.

We got all bundled up Saturday morning and headed out for some snow fun! Eric took Collin on a quick snowmobile ride but Collin didn't really like it. He said it was too fast. He loved sledding down grandma Jensen's hill though.
Up and down, up and down they went. Carlee only went down the hill once before her hands were too cold and she had to go inside. The wind started blowing a little and before they knew it the sled blew across the field! It was hilarious watching Eric hop through the snow and plop down on it to get it to stop.
After we came home from grandma's Collin stayed outside our house for a few more hours. He did not want to
come in, but I'm glad that he was actually enjoying outside in the cold.

This was Carlee's first real time out to enjoy the snow since she was too little last year. She wasn't too sure what to think about it at first. She had a hard time moving around in her pink bundled up outfit. She just flopped down on her knees and started pushing the snow around with her hands and exploring.
*Collin's cute rosy cheeks when he came inside.*
We had a great time together this weekend. I love it when we do fun things together and not just me and kids.

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