Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oopsi Poopsi

Little miss Carlee was playing in the tub,
having so much fun.

When I heard a grunt and tried to grab her,
before the deed was done.

Alas it was too late, I saw the floater
and had to fish it out.

I set her on the little potty seat,
and with a Carlee shout,

she stayed on that potty, finished the job,
and was ever so pleased.

She yakked and had fun, even tinkled a bit,
knowing her mommy was teased.

I guess it might be time for my lil' Carlee,
to be a big girl on the potty.

That would be better than oopsi poopsi's,
'cuz little floaters are naughty!

Collin had to add his two cents below (luckily he wasn't in the tub at the time!)

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