Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble 'em up cookies.

Remind me next year to NEVER make turkey cookies again. Seriously, they took WAY too long. They turned out cute though so I bet I'll still make 'em again. A year away should make me forget how much time and effort they took!

My mom came over and helped me make some of these while we tried to watch a movie together. The kids are always too loud whenever we try to make a movie. Knuckleheads. I had to send the "UR A Turkey" cookies to my brother Ryan. He loved 'em.

Collin got in on the fun and made these cookies. He wanted to make a lot more but since he never eats them (and I was running out of frosting) I only let him make this many. He only ate one and it was the one LOADED with frosting. I really needed a picture of that one.
Well, onto Christmas cookies in a few weeks!


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