Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Day Hurray!

I officially busted my gut.
How could I not with pies
this good!!!
I didn't stop eating the
ENTIRE weekend long.
When I got to work
yesterday my tummy was
so used to packing in the
calories that it was starving by
9:30. Pathetic I know.
Oh well, we had a blast
getting together with family
to share food, laughs, games
and fun.
My wonderful mom Rhonda.

Some of the gang.

The adorable kids!
Kaitlyn, Collin, Peyton and Carlee

Next year I think I'll have to
make some more Carlee
friendly pies.
The poor girl was allergic
to the pumpkin and lemon
meringue and really wanted
some. Luckily we had
chocolate cream which she
Yum Yum!

Eric being crazy in an elf hat.

Larry couldn't stop working for even Thanksgiving and ended up stretching the carpet in Collin's room and in the nursery. I just had to sneak a pic.

Collin was shoving animals in the tunnel Kaitlyn was wearing.

Isn't she adorable!

Collin, Kaitlyn, Mark and Peyton

Carlee with her soggy bottom.

Riding the Larry train.

Choo Choo! They didn't make it much further before they started falling off.

Thanks everyone for coming!
We have a wonderful family
and I wouldn't trade 'em for
the world. I just wish my other
two brothers could have come too.
All together I think we had
about 23 people in my house.
Next year I'll have to take more
pics of the family. I always take
pics of the kids and forget about
everyone else. The kids are
the cutest though so it can't be helped!

Carlee was tuckered out in her grandpa Christensen's lap.
Now we can't wait for
Christmas parties!!


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