Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you say, "Brrrrrrrrr..."!!!!

Old Man Winter
you are doing your job well!

Sunday we got maybe

4 or 5 inches of new snow.

Carlee really enjoyed catching

snowflakes on her tongue.

I was really hoping
it would snow enough
that I couldn't get to work.
(No such luck...)

The kids lucked out though!

When I told Collin there was

no school on Monday he was

a little disappointed.

(Silly boy...)

They lucked out again

this morning too although

it was more of a

"freezing day"

than a snow day. When

it gets below 25 degrees

with a wind chill factor

they automatically close



Put on your hat and mittens

cuz baby it's cold outside!

Enjoy your days off kids!

Once you get to be adults
you'll be wishing you had
more snow days!!


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