Saturday, January 3, 2009

SLC Trip

Before Christmas we got to travel to Salt Lake City, UT to go view the lights at Temple Square. We met up with Eric's sister Mandy, her boyfriend Trent, his brother Dakota and his mom Ruth Ann. The lights surrounding the temple were so breathtaking! Millions and millions of lights were hung carefully around the trees and bushes inside the square. Everything was beautiful and exciting. The kids were having tons of fun running around and playing in the snow.
Back Row: Trent, Mandy, Justin and Tina
Front Row: Ruth Ann, Dakota, Eric, me and Collin
Collin loved the horse and buggie rides circling the square. I wish Carlee could have seen them. She loves horses!
Collin went on his first tram ride that night. He thought it was so fun...

...that he begged us to let him ride it again the next morning when we went to the Gateway mall. It's an outdoor mall so we had to get bundled up again to head outside. Collin and I experienced our first time in a Build-a-Bear workshop too. He made a bunny for Carlee with Hello Kitty jammies and slippers. I had a blast and would love to go again next year!


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Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

I love the lights at Temple Square! No matter how many times I see them, they always amaze me.