Thursday, March 12, 2009

Uh Oh, I turned 29...again!

It feels like I have fallen off the blog planet for a little while. Why? Well instead of uploading pictures in the morning for bloggin' I have actually been exercising. That's right. Me actually exercising! My family got me a Wii fit for my birthday and I love it! I have wanted it since it came out. It's fun and gets me sweating. Especially when I'm doing the hula hoops. Talk about a workout! Anyways, here are a few pics of my b-day from the 6th.
How cute is this boy! He worked really hard making this sign for me (with a little help).

This is my third year to claim the age of 29. I figure I can claim it for a few more birthdays. What's the harm? Daddy made Collin put my "real" age on my birthday sign though. I teased Collin when I got home that he put the wrong number on there. He believed me too until daddy told him I was fibbin'.

My very talented mother brought over this fabulous ice cream cake. It was so cute!

Not to mention yummy!


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Plus extra thanks for all the chocolate I received. You know me so well!


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Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

Happy Birthday Kami! You don't look a day over 29.....seriously, you look younger than 29. Once again, your mother made the most amazing cake. Maybe I should come visit around my birthday!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!! And for the record, in December, I celebrated the 13th anniversary of my 29th you can milk it for as long as you want!