Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's Fair Time!

Blackfoot, ID Sep. 1, 2007Ahhh, the fair. I love everything about it! The smell of cinnamon almonds and tiger ears, lights and carnival music, kids racing around having fun, as well as tons of booths and animals to look at. Collin couldn't wait to go on the rides. It's the best thing about going to the Blackfoot fair. Collin tried every ride he was allowed to go on and then some. When we asked him what his favorite ride was he said, "All of them!" Carlee's favorite was definitely the carousel. When we were standing in line she was waving her arms and "talking" excitedly. She loved lights and that she could ride on a horsie (although she was scared of the real horses!)
Collin absolutely loved the big slide. He didn't get to go on it last year since he hadn't quite reached 42 inches but this year he got to go, and go, and go again.

The helicopter ride was fun to ride on with Collin. He put his hand to his mouth like he was talking into a radio and said, "We're going down! They're shooting at us!" What a nut.

The family roller coaster is what we spent the most time on. I don't remember how many times we rode it. Carlee even got a ride although she was stone faced the entire time. I couldn't tell if she liked it or not.

I can't wait to go on a bigger roller coaster since I've only been on the kids version. Eric and I were going to go on one but the line was huge and it was getting late. We didn't make it home until 1:00 in the morning.

Carlee liked the choo-choo train ride even though I don't think Collin was very impressed. He liked the faster rides better.

The demolition derby cars were fun. The track spaced the cars out just enough so we would almost collide with the other cars. Collin kept saying, "We're going to hit them!" or "They're going to get us!" but he was laughing, too.

Collin and daddy on the swing ride! I think daddy had as much fun as Collin did. When I went on it I thought I would lose my shoes!

I wish we could afford to go more than just one day to the fair but we had fun anyways. All in all it was a fun family bonding experience.

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Mandy Lin said...

I loved this blog entry. I love that you do these things with your children. They are such lucky kids. It looked like you had so much fun. I wish that I could have been there with them.