Monday, September 17, 2007

Jewelry Kids

I had to blog this because Tina and I thought Carlee was so funny when we went to the mall in Boise. I needed to get her some new dress shoes so we checked out a few places until I found some I liked. Unfortunately, little miss Carlee is not yet a shoe shopper. She had a complete and total fit when we tried the shoes on her. She was screaming and whining loudly like we were torturing the poor girl! It was hilarious because Tina tried to get her to stand up but Carlee refused to even put any weight on the foot with the offending shoe. We put those back and at another store we tried again. She had a fit again but at least she walked a little bit in these shoes. I thought to myself that maybe she won't be a little "girly-girl". But then we went to look at jewelry. She was in heaven! She started grabbing necklaces and bracelets left and right. She even grabbed a pair of hoop earrings and tried to put them on as a bracelet. She is such a funny girl. I guess maybe I'll get a "girly-girl" after all.
I had to put back alot of the more expensive jewelry she grabbed but I did let her get this necklace and bracelet combo.

Collin didn't go to Boise with us but he asked me why I didn't buy him any boy jewelry when we got back later that night. I told him they didn't sell any at that store and he slumped his shoulders and said, "Huh, I wanted boy jewelry." What a nut! He loves to wear this other bracelet that I made a long time ago. Hopefully he won't ever want to wear it outside of the house!

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Mandy Lin said...

I talked to my mom that day and she was laughing so hard about Carlee's refusal of the shoes. Yeap, I think that she is going to be a girly-girl and I think that Collin is going to be the best kind of boy: a little boy with a tender side.