Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Quick Fair Run

Collin and I accompanied my mom this past Saturday to go pick up her cake at the fair. I went so Collin could see the petting zoo and things we didn't have time for the last time we went. The baby goats were so adorable in the petting zoo. They were tiny and two of them put on a head butting show for us until their mama broke it up. Collin loved it! He also loved the bunnies, puppies, and turtle.

We then went through the reptile house. I don't think they had that there last year. There were tons of snakes, lizards, tarantulas (gross!), turtles, and strange bugs from the rain forests. On a little stage they had a huge golden python and a baby crocodile. Collin would not touch either one of them. He wouldn't get anywhere near them! He said he was afraid they would bite him. I'll bet little Carlee would have loved to touch them. She's not afraid of much. She didn't get to go because she was coming down with something her daddy shared with her. Turns out the next day she was puking, coughing, sneezing, and had a sore throat and double ear infections. Poor little babe, I feel so bad for her! Hopefully she'll be better soon although Collin is starting to get it now.
I wish I was able to get a picture of the little crocodile but these are the only pictures I got that day because my camera died. I forgot that I was low on batteries. Oops! I'm glad Collin got to go and have some fun though. The only bad part was that we had to pass by the rides on the way out and he wanted so bad to go on them again. We had to endure his pouty sad face and him saying, "I'm sad." for awhile but maybe next year he can go on them two days or to one of the shows. We'll see.

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Mandy Lin said...

How fun!!! By the way, I love when Collin says "I'm sad." I think it is adorable.