Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's day started off with a festive heart breakfast. I made the kids french toast, strawberries, and ham all cut out as hearts. I also tinted thier milk and scrambled eggs pink. Carlee Ann loved it. Especially the eggs! Mr. Wayne had to take most of his breakfast to his grandma's house because it took him so long to get up and going.

The kids also woke up to balloons and candy from mom and dad. Carlee played with her balloons for awhile before begging to start on the candy. I was mean and made her wait at least until after she ate her breakfast.
Eric and I sent the kids off with grandpa Christensen and headed to Idaho Falls. I wasn't sure we would even make it because of the drifting snow. We had to take a different route since highway 20 was closed but we made it. We had to head straight to my doc's office. Not a romantic valentine destination! After the doctor and pharmacy (which we had to go back to 3 times, long story) we did a little shopping. By then my head was throbbing and Eric was running out of steam. He just got off graves that morning and hadn't been to bed yet. We were both so tired we didn't go to a movie like we were planning to. We just went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, hit our usual Walmart run, and headed home.

Meanwhile, my mom was nice enough to make the kids a valentine dinner of heart shaped hamburgers and yummy fruit salad.

When we got home the kids had to try on mom's flashy new red shoes. They both thought they were pretty cool. I think I've got quite the stock pile of embarassing pics of Collin to show his future girlfriends. Just kidding Collin!

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Holly said...

Fun breakfast. Cute pictures. I hate driving with the drifting snow. I've driven that route before in the winter and it's not fun!

Mandy Lin said...

I love the idea of the heart shaped food. The kids will love it for years to come! I completely agree that Collin's future girlfriends will have plenty of embarrassing pictures of him.