Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Yumminess!

This Sunday seemed to be all about food. My mom came over and we made this yummy dinner of salmon, spinach rice, fried zucchini, and garlic bread. It was so yummy and very healthy. I absolutely love salmon! She rubbed it with dijon mustard and an olive oil spice mix that made it taste wonderful. Collin ate his fish and rice (without spinach) but he wouldn't touch the zucchini. He didn't even like the garlic bread. Carlee just wouldn't eat anything. She was really sick that day and very, very grumpy. Poor little thing. I had to put on her favorite movie Cars just to distract her from her sickies.
After we ate we decorated cupcakes. Collin was very excited about that and wanted to decorate them all! He tried to put lemon filling in them but I don't think much came out. I had to go down the line after him filling them more. Then he put on the icing. He either put on a tiny dollop or he piled it on as you can see from the pictures below. What a little knucklehead. After all the cooking and trying to care for a sick little girl, mom and I didn't watch much football. I caught a few minutes here and there and finally got to sit down for the last couple of minutes. I shouldn't have though because that's when the opposing team threw the touchdown to win the superbowl. Poor Patriots. Oh well, it was a fun day anyway.

*Collin with mommy's favorite drink - Ice water with lemon, lime, and cherries with a splash of cherry juice*

*Collin working hard decorating*

*It was either a dot or a whole lotta frosting for Collin*
*Little Miss Sicky sampling a cupcake*

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