Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Middle Name Meme

Holly tagged me to post a middle name meme. The funny thing is that we both have the same middle name! Small world.

  1. You must post the rules on your post before you answer the questions.
  2. You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
  3. When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.

A: Always try to see the best in people. Every person has a story and why they act the way they do. I find that if you take the time to get to know someone you can find something good in them.

N: Never stop eating. You'd think I'd weigh 300 lbs. by now but I really cannot go two hours without stuffing something in my mouth.

N: New things! I love to try new things, new recipes, new experiences. I guess it's the adventurous side of me but I want to visit every state, every country, every continent. (Just wish I had money to do it!) I want to try different hobbies, new sports, and read new novels. I'm not afraid of change.

I tag the following: Mandy, Mom, Tina, and even though I'm only supposed to tag three I have to tag dad too since he hasn't blogged anything yet!

2 of you hit me up with a comment.:

Holly said...

Thanks for playing. Nice middle name, and great facts!!

Rhonda said...

Oh gee thanks for tagging me!!! You know what kind of middle name I have!!! And who am I supposed to tag. You already tagged the same people I have! hahahaha