Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It all started out innocently enough
with a simple flier in my sons backpack.

Before I knew it I was signing Collin up to be a tiger cub in the Boy Scouts of America program.

And me? I am now Akela. Cubmaster Akela to be precise. The job is going to take alot of responsibility, time, effort and planning.

I have been getting a lot of flack for volunteering to this program but I am so excited! It has been so fun seeing how excited the boys are. I organized our very first pack meeting on the 17th. Collin was super excited to wear his uniform and was bouncing off the walls. He helped me so much getting ready for the meeting. What a sweetie!! He colored, cut, hung and placed up most of the decorations. I could not have done it without him. Plus Eric helped me set up too which was so nice! He would be a good cub scout leader. I'm trying to convince him of that, hee hee! We will be starting our first den meeting the beginning of next month. We only have 3 tiger cubs but Collin is working hard trying to recruit some more!

I'll have to post a picture of Collin and I in our awesome uniforms later. I forgot to take pictures of our first meeting. Wish our tiny troop success! I might need the extra encouragement. I'm looking forward to having fun with the boys and learning new skills. Yea for fun boyish scout activities I never got to do because of being a girl!


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Kristina P. said...

He'll love it!

Cherie said...

I am a total Scout supporter! I think Scouts is one of the best things that boys can do for many, many reasons. They earn the patches and learn new skills but they also grow and learn good values and how to be considerate, law abiding, good people!
I applaud you for supporting your son and becoming so actively involved!!