Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Atomic Days Parade

July 14, 2007

In Arco every year we celebrate Atomic Days since Arco was the first city to be lit by atomic power. It's a bigger event in Arco than even the fourth of July! We have a big parade and lots of events going on around town like softball, volleyball, horseshoes, sidewalk sales, and the big Atomic Days Rodeo. We didn't make it to the rodeo this year so Collin didn't get to do the stick horse race, but there's always next year!
Before the start of the parade they always have a plane fly overhead and drop ping pong balls for the kids to pick up. Collin was so upset that he didn't get one. There were too many big kids around pushing their way in to get one. After that he just sat down and cried. Luckily for him (and us) a policeman threw out a few more balls at the start of the parade and he was able to get one after all.

Carlee saying, "Ohhhhh..." because she saw the horses.

Another cheesy grin sighting!

Eric says this will be Collin in a few years. Ahhh, scary!

Carlee loves to sit on grandmas shoulders!

Collin managed to get some candy even though the bigger kids kept taking most of everything. He would politely let the other kids grab some before getting some for him. Kind of suprising with how much he likes candy!

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