Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Collin!

4 years old I can't believe it! He was just a baby yesterday it seems. The time flies by so quickly. Especially this month. It flew by very fast! Collin requested to have a pirate party this year. He was so excited when Sunday finally came around and he knew it was party time. We were able to have his cousin Alec spend the night with us on Saturday so he was extra excited. It was crazy having the two run around the house like little wildmen but it was fun and Collin loved it.
Kaitlyn individually wrapped matchbox cars for Collin to open. He had a hard time opening them and had to have Kaitlyn's help but it was funny.
Collin absolutely loved the light wand he got from Grandma and Grandpa Metcalf. After he opened that he didn't care much to open the rest of the presents!

Eric and I, along with grandma and grandpa Jensen, got him junior golf clubs. He already had one club but he has so much fun golfing that we knew he would love these. He loves golfing with his uncle Levi so hopefully he'll make it home soon and golf with him.

Transformers! I remember transformers being popular when I was a kid. Apparently so did his uncle Mark because it looked like he was having as much fun playing with them as Collin did.

The kids had fun going on the treasure hunt. Kaitlyn read the clues out loud and then they all went searching. Collin and Alec were goofing around so much that they didn't really listen and just followed Kaitlyn wherever she directed them to.

The boys didn't wear their pirate costumes very long. I think Alec enjoyed his the most because he kept saying, "Arrr, I look like a pirate, huh!"

All in all it was a fun day. We had lots of family over so it was fun seeing everyone again. Thanks to everyone who came and made Collin's day special. He loves all of his granny's and grampa's and cousins and aunts and uncles so much! It's wonderful to have so many family members close to us in the valley.

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Mandy Lin said...

You are the best mom!!! Those outfits and the treasure hunt was adorable. Collin--- I love you and miss you tons. I wish I could have been there to give you a big birthday hug.