Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fishing at Green Lake


Collin, Eric, and I ready to go fishing!

Every year that we go to Copper Basin we have to head up the Green Lake. The ride up isn't too bad even though my butt got sore riding on the back! Then we have to walk up a pretty steep rocky trail. It's worth it though because we always catch a lot of fish and they are so good to eat! Collin really enjoys fishing and this year he got to try out his rocket fishing rod although the regular fishing poles are so much better. His grandpa Larry helped him reel in a couple fish on his pole. I even caught three fish! Yea me!

It was so funny when Collin opened up the worm container and said, "Worms are so cute!" He is definitely a character. I'm glad that Metny and Matt came with us, too. Metny helped Collin out with his rocket rod and brought up Dill flavored sunflower seeds. Yum! Mathew and Eric went furthest around the lake and caught a lot on thier spinners even though they let most of them go. Neither of them like to eat fish, just catch 'em.

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Mandy Lin said...

I wish I could have been there. I love camping with you guys. Collin adorable with his comment about the worms. Carlee also looked like she had a lot of fun.