Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Collin & Carlee say hi!

Collin and Carlee say hello from the Rose Garden in Boise. My brother-law-recently got married there, hence the cute outfits. Collin said he "looked handsome" and Carlee had fun smelling the flowers.

Collin will be turning 4 next month and Carlee is almost 21 months old. Time seems to be passing too quickly for me. I can't imagine Collin being in school! We took him to pre-school screening but luckily for me they said he was too smart for pre-school. I can keep him my baby for a little while longer.

Carlee is now attempting to walk. I really need to get her on video walking to her brother's open arms. It is so sweet! I really have to treasure the moments that they get along. They are both VERY independent and stubborn. Can't take after me, must be thier daddy.

I'm going to try and keep this updated to let everyone who doesn't get to see these sweeties all the time share in our joy.

Love you all!

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