Monday, August 27, 2007

Copper Basin Camping Trip

Back up to Copper Basin! Collin was so excited to go back. He absolutely loves camping. Carlee loves it too. I'm glad that this trip she was walking so she was able to explore a little bit better.
This time she got to explore the river a little bit more. She was so excited as we trekked down the tiny hill to the river. I let her throw rocks in although she doesn't throw far so we got pretty close to the edge.

Collin can never go to the river without picking out the biggest rocks to splash.
Collin was "fixing" the wagon. He and his cousin Kaitlyn broke the back when they were together a few days earlier. After Tina fixed it Collin wanted to help and I couldn't believe that he actually unscrewed one of the screws!
Carlee was lounging around in Collin's dump truck.

Grandpa Larry pushed Carlee down the hill for a little ride. She was laughing so hard! I don't think she wanted to stop.
Everyone had a good time even though we were all tired by the time we were done. It takes a lot of work to go camping. Thanks Larry and Tina for all the time you put into getting ready so the kids could have a great time on their camping trip!

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