Monday, August 20, 2007

Night on the Town

This past weekend Eric and I got to go out to Idaho Falls by ourselves as kind of a small anniversary getaway. We went to Eric's favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse where he ordered the same thing he always does when we go there: sirloin steak, baked potato, and unfortunately for me, a bowl of chili. We then went to the movie No Reservations which had us both laughing at how controlling the main character was. We spent the night and got up for a yummy breakfast then made the one stop we always have to go to when in Idaho Falls; grand ol' Walmart. We had fun although I'm not as good at taking pictures of us as of the kids.

The best thing about our night out?

  1. We got to have grown up dinner-no sharing a happy meal with the kids.

  2. We could afford to order dessert-cheesecake anyone?

  3. We went to a movie that had no cartoon characters.

  4. We stayed out past midnight and didn't have to worry about tired, cranky kids.

  5. We had a quiet breakfast.

  6. We went to Walmart without hearing, "I want this and I want that. I need candy!"

  7. We just enjoyed adult time, but I was missing the kids on the drive home.

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