Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holey Teeth and Holey Balls

On Tuesday Eric, Collin, and I loaded up in the car for a trip to the dentist in Challis. This was Collin's first ever trip to the dentist so he was still a little apprehensive. We've read Collin a book about Dora the Explorers' trip to the dentist so he wouldn't be scared of the "explorer" tools the dentist uses. Daddy got whisked away to fix his cavity while Collin watched the assistant clean my teeth. He asked lots of questions about what everything was and what everything was for. He loved it when the dentist squirted him with the air hose. They took Collin to get his teeth x-rayed but it took a lot of convincing since mommy had to wait in the other room. Finally he agreed and he was so good the whole time. Then the bad news came. Eric had another cavity, I had a small one, and Collin...well he had 5! I couldn't believe a little boy could have so many. Too many holey teeth. Little Collin won't be getting as much sugar from now on!
Holey balls, bowling balls that is. That's what we did after the dentist. We had lunch at the bowling alley (no milkshakes for us though!) and then bowled two games. I really wished I would have had my video camera because watching Collin bowl was so hilarious! He would put his hands in the air and say, "Oh yeah, oh yeah! I'm the best bowler!" It was so cute. I did have my camera but the batteries were dead. Oh well, next time I'll get him!

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Mandy Lin said...

Oh my gosh...5 cavities?!? That is crazy. Good luck getting him to eat less sugar. It will take a lot of patience with his whining.

I want to take Collin bowling. It sounds like you guys made the best of your trip. By the way, good job on reading him the book before the dentist. You are such a great mom!!!