Friday, December 28, 2007

Our 2007 Christmas Memories

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, this year being no exception. We spent the night before Christmas eating prime rib and shrimp. Thank you mom for cooking the prime rib. Very yummy. We all ate too much but still had to squeeze in some of my mom's trifle later on that night. Collin was very wound up that night. It took forever to get him to bed. I wanted him to hurry and fall asleep so I could finish getting ready for the next morning but everytime we thought he was asleep he would wake right up. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night. Eric had to work that night but I heard him come home early in the morning. He was just barely getting to sleep when we heard little Collin's excited voice that Santa had come. We hurried out of bed to go see what Santa left in our stockings.

Carlee wasn't feeling good at all that morning the poor girl. She threw up a few times and didn't even want to open her presents. I hated seeing her so sick at a time when she should have been having fun. Thankfully she had a nap and some crackers and started to get into some of the action and finish opening her presents. She loved her shopping cart from her brother and Collin loved the ken doll that Carlee got him. Eric wasn't too excited that she got him a doll but that's what he wanted. He also told Santa that he wanted a Squawkers McCaw and was so excited when he opened it and saw that Santa's elves made it for him. Santa spoiled the kids a little this year.

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The video looks great!!! Good Job.