Friday, December 21, 2007

Leslie Ward Christmas Party

Collin was so excited to go to a Christmas party with grandma and grandpa Christensen this past Wednesday. He couldn't wait to see Santa again and remind him to bring his Squawkers McCaw parrot. Unfortunately for me Collin and Carlee were so terrible that night! They were fighting with each other, Collin was back talking, and Carlee didn't want to stay in her seat. I was already feeling horrible so their behaviour didn't help at all. I was ready to go home but I let the little onery ones see Santa anyways. After Collin talked with Santa I told him that Santa knows if he has been good or bad and if he acts bad he might not get his parrot for Christmas. To that he said, "Santa can see me?" Hopefully he'll be good until Christmas.

Carlee was very excited to see Santa. She ran up to him with her arms out smiling all the way. It was so adorable!

Carlee had everyone laughing while she performed an impromptu dance routine while we were singing Christmas songs.

Free donuts! Carlee was is heaven.

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