Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carlee's Turn at the Fair!

It was my sweet baby girl's turn at the fair on Saturday. It was supposed to be mine too but as luck would have it I threw up in the parking lot before we even went in. Oh well, at least grandma was there to take the kids on the rides. I'll just have to wait until next year.

Brother took her on the car ride first. I heard her saying, "Beep! Beep!"

I think this elephant ride scared her. She wasn't smiling at all after it started.

She wasn't too sure of the merry-go-round either. Her eyes looked dizzy!

While we were walking Carlee heard music coming out of one to the fun houses. She loves music so she started shaking her booty right there in the aisles.

Carlee was in heaven in the petting zoo. She was jabbering and pointing as fast as she could at all the animals.

She tried to feed this pig a stick. I don't think he liked the taste much. (Pull up your britches Carlee!)

She loooooved the baby goats.

Collin did too!

I think he was trying to nibble her shirt. Not suprising since the other goats were eating the signs.

These goats were ready to rumble. Poor Carlee got caught in the middle. They ended up knocking her off her feet!

"Now play nice boys."

How cute are these babies?

Collin loves to play the carnival games so they both ended up at the duck pond...

...and with a bucket of balls to throw. Poor Carlee couldn't throw very far. Her balls didn't even make it to the cups.

Waiting in line.

Carlee loved the helicopters. This was the last ride and her favorite of the night.

We went to the glow shack and I bought both kids some glasses that light up. Carlee loved them!

Collin was upset that he didn't get a toy instead. Sheesh...can't please him.

He ended up with a lot of loot anyways so he shouldn't complain!

Carlee with her loot. Collin won the pink bear for her.

You can't go to the fair without stopping for cotton candy!

Collin was shoveling it in fast!

Carlee was all tuckered out at the end of the night. Sweet dreams baby!


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Holly said...

What a fun day! That Dumbo ride is J's favorite.