Thursday, September 4, 2008

East Idaho State Fair

Hurray! Amusement park time finally! Collin and I live for the fair. As you can see from the photos below Eric really got into it too. The boys went and got wristbands while I took photos. They didn't turn out too well because I had it on the wrong setting. Oops! I didn't even go on any rides because my sweet Carlee shared her flu bug with me. I didn't think twirling and twisting would be too pleasant for the nausea. Hopefully Carlee and I are both better by Saturday so we can have our turn!

Collin saw this car below for the demolition derby ride and said, "I'm not going on that if they're going to crash!"

But, as you can see he did go on it anyways.

Last year I rode this coaster over and over with Collin but this year he only went on it twice. He really just wanted to keep playing the carnival games. He threw darts at balloons and won two little snakes. He also threw ping pong balls into little floating cups to win a tiger for Carlee. She didn't even appreciate it though. She only wanted the snakes. "A" for effort Collin. It was sweet to think of your sister.

The slide was Collin's favorite of the day.

We ended the night by taking Collin to the Motocross show. He got bored after only 30 minutes of it the little knucklehead. The show ended up lasting two and a half hours. I love watching the crazy flips and whips. I'll have to post video highlights later this weekend if I have time. That's all for now!


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