Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pick Your President

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Today is the day! If you're not educated enough about the presidential election then get searching the Internet. After all education is the KEY to voting. I've heard people say they would vote for a president based on their race or gender. That's a terrible uneducated statement! Of course it's nice to break barriers and get in fresh opinions, but if they don't stand for what you believe in then voting for them would be a contradiction. Vote for the candidate that would best serve our country and its citizens. Some elections I feel like I'm only voting for the lesser of two evils yet I still feel it's important to let my voice be heard.
Living in Idaho we only have four electoral votes. Not a lot at all compared to other states. My hubby feels that his vote won't even make a difference. What do you think. Will four tiny electoral votes make any difference in the overall election??

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2 of you hit me up with a comment.:

Holly said...

It makes a difference to me! And I was glad that although the election didn't go the way that I voted, overall Idaho voted with me! Silly, I know, but it's nice to live someplace where the majority of the people share my values.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Californians usually vote for a democratic president, republican governor and 2x now voted against gay marriage overwhelmingly...so sometimes I think even when the big ticket issues are not going one's way we all still need to vote because there are other issues on the ballot that affect us and one vote might just make a difference.