Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quirky Tag

Lorie tagged me to post 6 quirks about myself and then tag 6 people. Number 1 is something I have in common with Lorie. :)

1. When I eat candy (like skittles or starburst) I eat the flavors I like least first and save the best for last! I even do that when I eat Capn' Crunch cereal. I eat the yellow cereal first and save the crunch berries last.

2. I like to eat. A LOT!! In fact I can rarely stop eating. If I go two hours without stuffing something down my throat it's a miracle. I know, I know. Someday it'll catch up to me and I'll have to stop but for now I'm living it up! Especially with my major sweets addiction.

3. I used to be a huge dog lover before my kids were born. Now all I can think about is the hair on their clothes and them catching fleas. I miss my dog Ty though. She was the best and was even learning to turn off the light for me at night before she got arthritis. The funniest thing about her was when one of my brothers would yell, "P-U, what stinks!" She would duck her head and look guilty as she slunk out of the room.

4. I used to be so shy I would hide behind my mom if someone came close to me. I was shy all throughout high school too. I only opened myself up to my best friends. I'm still a quiet person but not anything like I used to be.

5. I have bad tunnel vision...driving, walking, you name it. Sometimes when I'm walking in a store someone will recognize me and have to yell at me before I notice who they are. Skyscrapers could be built off the road a little ways on my route home from work and I probably wouldn't notice.

6. I love reading books geared towards young adults or children. I'll blame it on research for my own writing since that's the genre I want to write for (and no I haven't sent any in yet cuz I'm still too chicken) but it would only be partly true. The other part is that I secretly love them too!

Okay now I get to pick on you and read about your quirks. I'll tag:



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