Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Night

It's Halloween and I'm back to my witchy ways.
This time though I got a witchly accomplice.

This is mom, me and cute Collin before we took the kids out trick or treating.

Watch your back Collin!

I'll get you my little pretty!

Unfortunately Dorothy was VERY grumpy before we headed out. After she got to see our neighbors dog she was instantly happy again.

Little Miss Kaitlyn
An adorable Hershey Kiss joined us.

We headed to the trunk or treat in the school parking lot despite Eric's objections. He thinks trunk or treating defeats the purpose of trick or treating. Probably because he always likes to yak with the people who open their doors!

Eric snuck this cute pic while both of her hands were occupied. She kept on hiding her face from the camera. Now it was off to a few streets to fill up their buckets. What was surprising was that it was actually not too cold and there was NO wind. Very unusual for Idaho.

Our last stop is always out to grandma Brewer's for her delicious suckers. Yummy!

Carlee had to have one with sprinkles.

The root beer sucker kids.

Carlee with her auntie Tauna.

We had a fun time, of course I always have fun with these adorable kids!


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Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

I love the costumes. You guys look so awesome. Halloween is always so much fun!!