Monday, August 24, 2009

August 15th Green Lake Trip

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures. Whoo hoo! What with camping, unpacking, repacking, heading to Lagoon and the zoo, unpacking again, plus being completely lazy this Saturday and Sunday, I haven't had the time! Okay so I could have posted sometime this weekend, but like I said, too lazy. So without further adieu, here they are. Our pics going up to Green Lake!!

First of all, I must tell you that it felt like fall and not summer. We haven't really had much of a summer weather wise. We all bundled up in coats, hats, gloves and layers. It turned out to be a very good thing for two reasons.

Number 1: We wrecked on the motorbike. That's right, we wrecked. Little miss Carlee was holding onto the front. Eric was in the middle and I was hanging on the back. Usually that would be just fine but as it turns out the fallen tree up the trail didn't think so. We smacked into it and we all tumbled over to the right. Thankfully Carlee and I only scraped up our knees a little. Eric's hand got all cut up (yuck!) but at least the gloves he was wearing protected him somewhat. Carlee's hat and coat saved her from being scraped up too. She was a trooper though and handled it fine except for a brief stint of not wanting to get back on the bike. Who could blame her? I know if Collin had been the one in the wreck it would have been near impossible getting him back on. Plus we would have seen a lot more tears. Carlee is much tougher than her brother.

Number 2: We were greeted at the end of our motorbike ride with snow. SNOW! In August! Soooo glad we were dressed warm because it was freezing!!

We can only take the motorbikes up so far before we have to get our lazy butts off and climb the rest of the way. Carlee only wanted her mama to carry her up the mountainside. Why Carlee why! I had to oblige even though I was huffing and puffing and had to take a few, okay more like 10, breaks.

We are almost there!

The poor little flowers are cold! The snow came down in little balls which I was told still doesn't qualify as hail.

Our first view of the lake was so rewarding because now we could rest! Oh, plus it was beautiful of course.

Backside of the lake.

Cute Mr. Wayne was nice enough to pose for a quick picture.

This trip was the first time we have EVER built a fire at Green Lake. It is usually so hot that we have to shed clothes not put more on.

Carlee was worn out by the time we got there so she laid by the fire and napped for awhile under an umbrella. I'm so glad I remembered to bring umbrellas! I thought I would be using them for shade though, not for snow cover.

I had to take this picture because Kaitlyn thought it was funny that crumbs were sticking to Carlee's booger nose.

Everyone was ready to do some fishing and see if they could pluck out some of the yummy red-fleshed fish. They are the yummiest! Don't know what kind they are though...

Eric of course got the first fish.
Carlee giggled in glee as it wiggled!

Eric is always the first and last one fishing.
Maybe that's why he catches the most...

Everyone else had fun fishing too. Despite getting wet.

Go Kevin!

Tauna, Kaitlyn, Collin and I made our way around the entire lake for some exploring. Aren't the kids cute!

Kaitlyn was dared to climb up to the snow pile by her uncle Kevin so up she went.

She brought back a sample in her candy bag but it didn't last very long.

Kaitlyn and I hiked up one hill so we can see the upcoming storm. We were just hoping it wouldn't come and get us before we got back down the mountain. She climbed up this tree below right before she *shudder* fell off it. I tried to catch her but she biffed it too fast. The poor girl fell right onto a sharp rock. I felt so bad! Thankfully she only got a bruise and scratches on her back.

Turned out to be a cute picture though!

We had a fun time despite the accidents, snow, and poor quantity of fish. At least Carlee let daddy pack her down the mountain on the way back and even got back on the motorbike with him! I just hope next year will be back to all of its sunny glory.


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Cherie said...

I think despite what can happen on a trip good or bad it is just fun to be a family together out enjoying nature!
That lake is so beautiful and so green!!