Monday, August 24, 2009

Copper Basin Campground

When you think of camping don't you just naturally think of S'mores? I know I do! This year we did a different kind of roasting. I never would have thought of it in a million years, but thanks to my brother and sister in law we were introduced to a new campfire favorite. What was it?

Can you tell?

That's's Starburst candy!

I was skeptical at first. How were the sweet little candies going to hang on without slipping off? Well, for the most part they did hang on. Would the candy even taste any different? Yes! The outside was crystallized and the inside was ooey, gooey, warm and chewy. Yum! Seriously, try it on your next campout. You won't be sorry.

I think Kaitlyn roasted the most. She was loving them!

We were lucky that one of our favorite Copper Basin campsites was available. In this campsite was a little mountain trail that leads to a meadow. The kids were heading partway up the trail with Collin's little bike and then racing back down.

Woo hoo!

Go Collin!

Go Kaitlyn!

They even convinced Metny into giving Kaitlyn a ride down with her. You are such a good sport Metny! We tried to take a few bike rides on the road but Collin kept crashing or complaining that we had to ride his way. Needless to say, we didn't go too go far.

Oh well, I think Collin had more fun in the dirt anyways...

...and racing boats down the stream.

He was so cute.

I just can't believe Carlee didn't get as dirty as last year. I was prepared to take home a little girl with more dirt than hair and with two shining white eyes blinking under a soot covered face. Maybe she wasn't as dirty because she can walk better this year although she didn't really play much in the dirt at all.

Well, except when she helped me build a stick garden!

We had so much fun (for the most part)! It was just so nice to get together with my family to play cards, enjoy each others company, and enjoy nature. We missed Matt's campfire entertainment involving a lighter though! Maybe he'll come next year. Thanks fam for all your hard work putting this camping trip together. It was exhausting but fun!


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Cherie said...

Camping with the family - What a super time :D
OK we are going camping here soon and I have never heard of roasting a starburst but it totally looks like a keeper - we will have to try it out!!!

Anonymous said...

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