Monday, August 31, 2009

What a cute little first grader!

Doesn't every mom have to post back to school pictures??
Of course they do!

Collin thinks he is pretty big stuff for being in the first grade.

When I asked Collin what he did today he said, "We had two recesses!" Typical. All he remembers is the recess. Later he did remember that they worked on something involving big and small, made a storybook, and he remarked on how long of a day it was. Yep, going from half a day to a full day is quite different. I think he'll do okay. I'm just hoping when his sissy goes back to school on Wednesday she'll be able to handle a full day too.

Collin was sooooo excited that Kolton and Blake, his two best friends, were in his class. He also said that he had new kids in his class. "I should have made one of them a friend today," he said looking thoughtful. "I'll do it tomorrow." Isn't he cute!

After school we celebrated his first day with popcorn and Nestle chocolate Sno-Caps. He kept coming back to the chocolate saying, "I'm attracted to these!" That's one way of putting it...

Welcome to the first grade Collin!

Welcome to school going by in a
blink of an eye mom and dad. :(


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Mandy said...

He is big stuff. He now uses words like "attracted." He is such a good boy. I love that he decided to make a new friend. I hope it worked out today!

Nancy Face said...

He is smart AND handsome! :)

Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

Hold on because before you know it, he'll grow faster than you can imagine! Collin is such a smart kid!

Cherie said...

Both posts of your kids going back to school are so cute. I was a bad mom this year and didn't take pictures.
Good job to you!

And yayyyy for the BSU shirt!!