Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Camping Fun!

07-20-07 Thru 07-22-07

Ahhh, camping fun. Collin kept asking for about a week and a half before we went camping when we were going, is today the day, how many days till we get there, how many hours, is it time yet... Yeah, you could say he was excited. It's so much fun going camping up in Copper Basin. I've been four times now? Something like that, but it has been fun every time. It takes alot to get ready though and I felt so exhausted Sunday night when we got back that I went to bed at 8:00 as Eric put the baby to bed and took care of Collin. Unpacking is the worst part!We stayed in the paid campgrounds this year since our favorite spots were taken and these were the only spots we could have a fire.

Carlee had so much fun this year! She was pretty little last year when we went and mostly just stayed in her walker, but this year she got down and dirty! She was NOT content to sit at the table, in her walker, or in someone's arms. She had to be down in the action and fully enjoy nature, and even taste it too.

She loved to chase after the dogs. Grandma and Grandpa Jensen brought her best friend Rowdy and Grandma and Grandpa Brewer brought thier dog Rusty. She was so excited to see both of them since she is such an animal lover. I'll bet one day she'll beg to her daddy enough to get her a pet. So far he says a big flat out NO!/Grandpa Jensen always brings headlights camping and Carlee just loved it although she kept putting it over her eyes!

The kids loved taking wagon rides. We went 0n a few walks and loved to stop to see the chipmunks and birds. We stopped once by the river to throw in rocks but I guess we were gone too long because the grandma's and Eric came out looking for us. /Collin is posing in his hankerchief left by smoky the bear. We were up fishing at the time so he didn't get to see him but he liked the hankie.

Collin is always such a little helper. He wants to help with everything including trying to air up the camper tire./After we set up our dining area Collin kept zipping himself up and saying, "Oh no, I'm trapped. Now what do I do?" It was so cute! I don't know if we'll go again this year but I'm glad the kids had so much fun.

Funny faces!

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