Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Decorating

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. This year I probably went a little too far and put everything up before Thanksgiving. I know it's too early but I don't care! Besides I don't have any Thanksgiving decorations yet. This year Eric wanted to start a tradition so that every year the kids could put a special ornament on the tree with thier name on it. Collin loved it! He placed his ornament on the tree (and Carlee's too) and was so proud to have contributed. Unfortunately Collin is in his underwear again for the pictures decorating his Christmas ball. I made him put on clothes though to take pictures by the tree.

Collin the cutie (fully clothed) by the Christmas tree!

Eric worked hard this year! This is our first year with Christmas lights up. Last year we only got them up on the garage. Thank you Eric! I love having Christmas lights up and the kids enjoy them even more.

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Mandy Lin said...

The house looks beautiful. My mom told me yesterday that when Carlee sees them she gets all excited. I am with her!!! I can not wait to come and see them in person. 1 more day!!!