Sunday, August 3, 2008

Collin's Family B-Day Party!

On July 26 my baby boy turned the big number 5! He couldn't wait for his birthday and told his grandma Christensen that he wanted her to make him a Wall-E cake for his birthday. It turned out so cute and he absolutely loved it! He had two parties this year. The kids party on the 25th and the family party on the 26th. I usually don't do big parties like these but since it was his fifth we decided to go ahead and make it a big occasion. We had alot of fun but we (okay I) was worn out by the time the weekend was over.
Cute Wall-E.
Collin blowing out his birthday candle.
Carlee digging into the goodies!
Enjoying pizza before we started in on the junk.

Tina, great grandma Jensen and grandma Brewer obliged Collin by wearing Wall-E masks!
Robot Carlee... ...and Robot Collin.
Great Grandma Jensen gave Collin money. Collin always likes money!
Opening his ball from Carlee...
... and giving her a hug thanks. Too precious!
Collin opening his favorite board game Sorry.
Well, he got the Wii he asked for the spoiled boy. He's not getting anything for Christmas!
He got his favorite Wii game Super Smash Brothers from grandma and grandpa Christensen.
Carlee had to test it out.
Picking on grandpa Jensen while he's sleeping...
...and wrestling him when he was awake!


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Rachel H. said...


What a fun birthday...definitely a spoiled little guy! :) But that's what birthdays are for!

Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

That is the most awesome cake I have ever seen. Rhonda is so talented!!
Happy Birthday Collin!