Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anniversary Getaway

Lagoon Vacation

Our excitement grew as we entered the gates to Lagoon in Utah. We had one destination in mind-the water park! I've never been on a water slide before so I was excited to try. We got in line to await our turn on the slippery path to a splashing good time. Little did I know how fast they actually were. When I got to the bottom and pulled myself out I got the overall feeling of a scairdy cat!! Great, I thought. I came all this way only to be scared of it. We went on some tamer rides on the tubes but eventually Eric prodded me down the biggest body slide. It's a good thing that it was dark most of the ride down because it didn't scare me as bad. Well, until I got to the light at the end of the tunnel. My breath went out of my body and I just prayed I wouldn't drown at the end of the pool. The second time I went down wasn't as bad but wow it still felt like all the breath went out of my body. I think next time I'll have a lot more fun and I won't be as scared of the rides now that I know what they're like. How did Eric handle the rides? Like a little kid. He wanted speed. He didn't like waiting in the lines and wanted to go fast. It was funny seeing him act like a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately we didn't get too many pictures. We spent so much time in the water park and we didn't want to bring the camera in there to get wet. I did get a shot of Eric going down the big body slide though.

Eric going down fast...

Some of the tubes twisted and spiraled around before coming out the bottom...

The tube line...

This is the end of our favorite ride. We start at the top in a shallow pool of water. There is a helper at each pool that pulls you down into a bend that bumps you into another pool. It was our favorite because they shot people down one after another so the line moved fast. The other rides were quite a wait. It was fun seeing some of the people go down and biff it into the water. Eric crashed alot but my tube didn't flip over once. Ha ha, honey!

This is the fountain at the entrance. Alot of people got in there to cool off because it was sooo hot!

We took these pictures at a live performance in the park where the singers sang Broadway favorites. I'm glad Eric agreed to watch it with me because I loved it!

Eric on the bumper cars. These were so much fun. I could drive these all day! They say you're not supposed to bump people but everyone did. I was surprised by how well they corner!

We went on the ski lift that takes you from one end of the park to the other. I thought the views would be awesome but my fear of heights overburdened the view! It was still cool to have our feet almost touch the treetops though.

I've come to the conclusion as I'm writing this that I've become such a big chicken since I've gotten older. Eric says it's since the kids. Maybe my need to be around for them causes a subliminal fear in my psyche. Needless to say I didn't go on either one of these rides. The first one is absolutely NUTS because they strap you in, haul you to the top, then you free fall down close to the ground. NO THANKS. Eric really wanted to try it but he'll have to take someone else. The second one was like a big elevator but my stomach was too weak to try it since I hadn't eaten dinner. I'm a weirdo because I have to eat or I'll be sick. Most people wouldn't want to eat before going on the rides but I have to. We went on the rocking boat, the swings, the roller coaster and a spook house that was pretty lame but oh well. Of course we couldn't leave the park without getting the kids some souvenirs so we got them each big suckers, stuffed animals with Lagoon sweaters on them and balls that light up. We both missed them the whole time we were gone and really wished we had them there to enjoy the fun with us. Eric even said every time he went up the steps to go down the water slides he thought of how much fun Collin would have at the water park. It was nice to get away for a mini vacation with my hubby. Now we want to go back next year! (With the kids of course!!)

That's a big bite Carlee!

Collin posing with his goodies.

Swirling around his new ball.

Little thumb sucker.

I think she loved her ball, what do you think?


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Holly said...

Fun! We've never been to Lagoon. I think we need to go. And, it's not just you. I'm not as daring now as I was in my youth! ;)