Friday, August 22, 2008

10th Anniversary

We really need a more recent picture of us together!

It's been 10 years today honey-we made it! I thought I'd recap by answering some questions of our lives when we were first starting out.

  1. Where did you first meet each other? I was working at the local grocery store and Eric had to come in and "check me out". My cousin Doug actually set us up. It's funny because Doug tried to set us up when I was in junior high or high school I don't remember. I wouldn't even speak to him then!

  2. What was your first date? We double dated with my cousin Doug and his girlfriend Danette. She lived in Idaho Falls so we drove over to pick her up. When we got there Doug and Danette had a huge fight and spent forever talking it out so Eric took me out to a movie and dinner. I remember we went and watched The Man in the Iron Mask. Eric thought I didn't like him because I didn't talk to him during the movie. I'm sorry but when I go to a movie I actually want to watch it! Then we went and ate at Subway and talked. We had a good time.

  3. When and where was your first kiss? I think it was only on our second date that Eric kissed me. We were playing games with friends in his mom's basement and he leaned over and kissed me.

  4. Did you have a long courtship? Not really. We met in March and got married in August.

  5. Where did you get engaged? I remember talking to Eric in the car and we both just knew. He gave me my ring while at my mom's house when we were playing Monopoly. That was back when would actually play board games with me...

  6. When and where were you married? We got married on August 22, 1998 in the Moore Stake Center. We later got sealed for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. Don't ask me what date that was because I don't remember! You know how the man usually forgets dates? Not in my family, I'm the one that forgets. I think it was in May.

  7. Where did you go on a honeymoon? Ummm...what honeymoon? Unfortunately Eric's grandpa passed away around the same time. We got married, spent the night in the Romeo and Juliet suite in Pocatello, came back for his funeral, and then Eric had a job interview the next day. There was no time (or money) for an official honeymoon.


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Rhonda said...

Ha ha!! I remember some of it!!

Doug and I tried to get you and Eric to date just after your 16th birthday.

You were sealed in the temple on May 10, 2003, just before Collin was born.

Happy Anniversary!!! Too bad I don't have time to make you an anniversary cake, but I am trying out cookie recipes today!!

Love you and Eric lots!!!!