Thursday, August 21, 2008

They Live!!

Collin and I went out to check the mail tonight and look what we found! I am so excited because this is the very first rose to grow on our property. Isn't it beautiful? The other rose bushes don't look as good as this one but I just had to document this momentous occasion. It's nice to see the hard work bring forth beauty. It was all worth it!

I do realize ofcourse that I have been neglecting them. They are getting chocked out with weeds. I know they'd grow a lot better without the competition. Well, I guess I better get busy since this coming weekend I'm finally free. No more goofing off. I'm just really excited that they are growing.

Collin wanted me to take this picture. As he was walking around he was so excited and kept saying look at that flower! (alfalfa) And look at the pretty leaves! (weeds) At least the sunflower is an actual flower even if it is wild.


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