Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The birds are back! Run!!!

For the past two days I've felt like I
was on the set of a movie. Not just
any movie either.
Remember this one?

The birds have been sitting outside
the hospital on the pine trees
just waiting for unsuspecting
prey. Once they spot you with their
beady little eyes they swoop down
with a reckless abandon. You begin
to cringe when the loud "caw" comes
from above.

The fear of this looms in my mind:

Yesterday they tried to attack my
coworker through the glass window.
When they couldn't reach her they
started pecking the poor squirrel
that unfortunately came too close
to their nesting grounds.

Bad birdies! Bad! They dive bombed my
head earlier this morning when I was
heading to the post office. I felt the
"swoooosh" of my hair ruffling as
the winged monster flew back to the trees.

Could these be Hitchcock's birds back
on the rise? Only time will tell...

Body Count so far:

Birds 1
Humans 0

(one bird was accidentally hit in the parking lot...or was it? Mwahh ha ha!)


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Dustin and Briannie Summers Family said...

Oh, that's funny. Thanks for the laugh! Send me an email and I will send you an invite to my blog if you would like, boandbria@hotmail.com