Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's T-Ball Time!!

Is there anything
cuter than little kids
playing t-ball?
I just love watching
them attempt to catch
fly balls or hit a
home run.
Too precious!!!
Unfortunately on
our opening night
we're gonna have
lots of this...

D'oh! Oh well,
hopefully the little
tikes will get to play
next week. I know
Collin is disappointed,
poor kid. On the
bright side maybe
now I'll have time to
unpack my suitcase
from this weekend!
I'll try to post a
few wedding pics later.
I don't think I have
much since we were
too busy to even think
about it...
Plus I'll try and get
back into blogging
now that the craziness
is over. (I hope!)


2 of you hit me up with a comment.:

Rhonda said...

Does that mean it's canceled?!!

Brenden, Lorie and Our Girls said...

Starting early!